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  by burlington nothern 9903
While at the New Lenox metra station i noticed something weird on the side of 206 as it got closer to me and stoped i was shocked to see it was a GE sticker on an EMD locomotive. It was not a little one it was the kind you whould find of the side of a Amtrak P42. And theres a picture of it some were on the web but for some reason i cant seem to find it again.
me i found it weird maybe some one knows somthing about it.

  by metraRI
Here is a pic of 206, you can see the sticker but I have not been able to get up close to look at it. It has been on there since it got rebuilt last year. I should point out that it is only on one side of the loco.

  by MetraF40C607
Oh trust me, it's a GE sticker. They probably sent certain components of the locomotive to GE to be rebuilt.

  by MikeF
These decals seem to be showing up on other EMD locomotives too. I saw an Iowa Chicago & Eastern Geep a few days ago with a GE sticker on the battery box.

  by metra 613
The IHB 4000 have it on them to.

  by burlington nothern 9903
As Metra 613 said the IHB 4000 series engines have the sticker on them too. Whell i got i picture of 4016 at franklen park railroad days and its sticker reads GE TRASPORTATION SYSTEMS Original Locomotive emmissions control information. And it has a bunch of stuff written under that. And it looks just like the sticker on the side of 206. None of us can be shure what 206's sticker says untill one of us see's it and reads it but at least now we have a pretty good ideal what 206's sticker might say. By the way i have not seen 206 for a while. ITS TRYING TO SNEAKY