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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by EuroStar
I believe you are correct. The interlocking on the NEC is SWIFT. The one on the former Lackawanna line is Kearny Junction. I think the whole complex is sometimes referred to as Kearny Connection which is why I got them confused.
  by JamesRR
EuroStar wrote:
JamesRR wrote:My NEC train was over 10 minutes late this morning. It hadn't been late all summer - but it returned to doing its usual 'crawl' from Secaucus to Penn. Ultimately the delays were blamed on "delayed trains ahead."
The reason why your train was on time all summer is simple -- there were fewer trains on the rails between Newark and NYP. With fewer trains there was some 'idle' time for the train traffic to recover from random delays and such. Now that we are back to the usual number of trains, we are back to the usual state of delays.
You are 100% correct. Until capacity is increased (Portal Bridge, Hudson River tunnels, +tracks at Penn) these delays will be indefinite.

Foolishly people think the summer work was to fix this. When in reality, it just fixed decrepit infrastructure which ADDED to the existing delays.
  by jamesinclair
Took 40 minutes between NYC and Newark Monday night.

This was the 12:14am (after midnight) train, so I dont want to hear about traffic congestion as the issue. We departed exactly on time but moved at approx 2mph for the entire distance.