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  by Thunderbolt78YT
So, I sometimes get confused with the NJT Rail rolling stock. I know that all trains from Hoboken are pulled by a locomotive and all trains to Hoboken are pushed by a locomotive. But what about trains to/from New York? I have seen some Outbound trains pushed by locomotives, and I thought that all commuter rails have the loco facing away from the capital/city. Some Outbound trains have locomotives pulling! Same things with the cab cars! Is it random, or does it depend on the line? Any help? Thanks!
  by sammy2009
Hoboken To / From = Diesel / Dual Locomotives and some Electric I believe.
New York To / From = Electric , Dual Mode Locomotives ,they are the only type of locos allowed into NYP.

The reason the trains are faced backwards because the trains used are of push-pull capability. Meaning a diesel or electric locomotive can be on the back pushing the whole consist and being controlled by the locomotive pulling. The locomotive also pulls as being the first car. The technology is in the systems together to do such. On NJT , only the Comet V's are the only ones qualified to push and pull with locomotives. (I'm pretty sure of it). Trains have to be able to come back out the way they did. Some terminals such as NYP and Hoboken have stub tracks meaning there is a bar with no where else to go. NYP has a thru-way to a rail yard so if necessary for whatever reason the train can turn around. SEPTA , AMTRAK and a host of railroads does this. It isn't out the ordinary. Hope I helped answer your question.
  by Backshophoss
Most NJT Equipment runs thru the Sunnyside Yard Loop tracks before being laid up for the pm rush run.
Normally the Cab car leads into NY Penn,the engine leads on the return trip to "Home".
Running thru the Loop reverses the entire consist.
The NJCL trains from Bay Head might get looped at Bay Head Yard to turn the consist back to normal.

Trains to/from Hoboken are not looped,engineer changes end(From Cab Car to Engine) when returning "Home" during pm rush