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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by sammy2009
njtmnrrbuff wrote: Tue Jun 09, 2020 6:54 pm Toward the end of the strategic plan, West Trenton is mentioned but I'm not sure if that's a very key project in the next 10 years. While it would be great to have trains serving West Trenton, Hopewell, Belle Mead, and Hillsborough, many people living in those towns will probably prefer to drive over to the NEC since the route is faster. I also don't think that you will have a person traveling from PHL to NYP by way of West Trenton as that would take a very long time over taking Septa to TRE and then NJT from there. Even taking NJT to TRE and then Septa to PHL entirely on the NEC still takes time and for many people, it's either Amtrak all the way or bus. Even if the West Trenton Line were to ever be restored, don't be surprised if the trains run during the week and during rush hours. Remember that CSX runs many of its trains along the right of way that runs through Ewing and Hillsborough.

To be honest, before any brand new commuter rail routes get built, capacity must be worked on closer to NYC-Gateway. The brand new tunnels must be built while the original ones must be rehabilitated. The brand new Portal Bridge must be built as well. Lastly, the entire NEC needs to be a four track rr between the North River Tunnels as much as possible southward. This would help NJT be able to run more express trains from outlying stations. I know that Andover is supposed to happen sometime in the next five years. That's a start for restoring part of the cutoff. It would be even better for the trains to run as far as at least E. Stroudsburg, PA.
I think people would use the rail service from West Trenton to NYP because it would be a alternate route from the NEC....even though it would possibly take longer. At the sametime it would possibly alleviate the pressure off the NEC...with CSX owning the tracks i could also see that as a problem with operating hours and how many scheduled trains CSX would allow NJT to run.

I remember when AMTRAK had that derail in Philly @ Frankford Junction and service was suspended for a good week. Within that time i had to go to New York. Had to take the West Trenton Line from Center City to West Trenton to transfer to a shuttle bus to Trenton and continue on the NEC...and i just remember thinking it would be great to have the service here to New York. It would be great if this actually did happen but a part of me feels like that project wont ever get the green light.

Im glad some very very old bridges crossing the rivers are being replaced. Also Riverline possibly getting new rail cars to meet demand ...i am shocked in a sense. That line has performed better than expected.
  by njtmnrrbuff
That's true. The West Trenton Line would be a great alternate route for if something were to happen along the NEC that would cause a service suspension. That Amtrak derailment at Frankford Jct, five years ago, certainly caused a big mess and many suspensions.

As for the RiverLine, the actual light rail vehicles aren't getting replaced yet. They are getting their engine replaced though. Yes, ridership on the RiverLine has been very good. It would be great if the route ended in Downtown Trenton though.