• NJ Transit Assistant Conductor 13-Month Training Program

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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by FlashingAspect
Can anyone comment on what the 13 month training program is like? What kind of stuff do they teach you? How much of it is in field VS in class?

I know the negative stuff like if you fail the tests, are late, or absent you fail out and are lose the job. I know that many people believe they only hire friends and family members and I'd appreciate if responses to this thread only contain information about the content taught at the program. THANK YOU for your contribution.
  by FlashingAspect
@Ibissio Yes, I see that. I promise I'll keep you posted!

The biggest fear I think someone getting this job should have us giving up their carreer and not making it through the class. Commuting to Maplewood with precision 5 times a week at peek hours is going to be more difficult then any other location most will ever have to report to save perhaps port jervis.

So I'd really like to figure out what kind of info will be on the tests in the class. Will the tests be like the employment test where there are a lot of math that needs to be done in a short period of time.

Should I memorise all of the stops of all of the lines?
Or is figuring out how many zones apart everything is more important? Should I learn all of the signals and what they mean? Memorising the types of work and the required time off before I can start again? History of NJ transit?

Are the tests all Pass/Fail? Does finishing highest in the class even make a difference because you'd already have been assigned senority numbers.
  by Checo176
I'd like to know information about the class too.. I had an interview last week and am hoping for the best.. Would be great if I could get some kind of heads up.
  by FlashingAspect
From what I hear even they don't know yet.

I thought they were just waiting on the new contract to go through and as soon as it was signed wed all get calls. But that didn't happen. Unless you guys got job offers lol.

If you read the presidential emergency boards reports there was an article in there that stated new employees hired after the contract was signed will not have their overtime count towards their pension contributions. This is important because NJT workers end up with so much so much scheduled overtime that it's about a 20% pay cut.

That is just what was discussed and published by the PEB. No one panic, because that does not mean it ended up in the final contract. But NJ transit demanded it in both PEB's. If you know anyone in NJT that voted they can probably speak to what the union delivered in the final contract.
  by Checo176
Im just curious as into why they changed it from 4 to 13 months. Are they now making conductors take the exact same course as the engineers or something?.. I should have asked right after the interview.
  by DestinationUnknown
I can tell you it's not the same course as the engineers take, because conductors are not engineers. There is overlap obviously when it comes to operating rules, physical characteristics, signals, etc.
  by lbissio734
I spoke to one of the recruiters and they told me that class would start someday in Fall of this year , I did everything background and medical however since I did it back in march everything expired and I have to do medical again , if anybody has info about class date please let us know , ive been trying to join transit for a long time thank you
  by FlashingAspect
Well then let's hope it starts Sept 22nd. =)
Or it might be nice if they start it the week after Thanksgiving, I'd really like to get in one last Thanksgiving before I work every good holiday for the next 20years.

Any one else have suggestions about the likely content mandated by the syllabus?
  by DestinationUnknown
Go into the training program with a clean slate. Don't get ahead of yourself. They want to teach you what they want to teach you in the manner and time frame they feel is best. It's not going to do you any good to try and teach yourself something in advance of the training class. Don't admit you're a railfan, trust me! Everyone will find out soon enough.

When you get hired if you have any questions, need any advice you can feel free to PM me
  by jph3158
Just got my call to take the physical. woman i spoke to said she believes class is going to be late oct or early nov. Did you guys need to bring anything to physical other than the offer letter? I remember someone saying something awhile ago about other paperwork, like transcripts or diplomas etc..... and that there was a background check following the physical or is that all this is. Just a turn you head and couch type of thing?