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  by pudgym29
Last week, when at the Chicago Public Library branch nearby, I checked on my upload of my May 2012 presentation to the Central Electric Railfans' Association. It had rinsed off most of the upload hosts where I had placed it back in 2019.
I have reuploaded it to more semi-anonymous hosts, but with a key difference this time.
I made contact sheets for the images shown, so that people could view what was contained in the archive file. Then they can determine if they want to download the archive file.
My photographs are Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike BY-NC-SA. Essentially, you can do whatever you wish with them, including making derivative works of them, as long as you do not try to make any money from doing so.

Here are contact sheets of the images.
http://fotowrzut.pl/tmp/upload/GFRYA6SFSX/1.jpg http://fotowrzut.pl/tmp/upload/GFRYA6SFSX/2.jpg http://fotowrzut.pl/tmp/upload/GFRYA6SFSX/3.jpg http://fotowrzut.pl/tmp/upload/GFRYA6SFSX/4.jpg http://fotowrzut.pl/tmp/upload/GFRYA6SFSX/5.jpg

The archive file (24.23 MB) is now stored at these upload hosts. You need only download from one of them.

The DLKey, if necessary, is 8124
The .rar archive password is "Keikyu_via_Sengakuji" {without the quotes}.
I hope you enjoy the photographs. :-)