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  by Tadman
It seems like every second or third time I ride the South Shore, there's a signal glitch that delays the train 10-15 minutes. Not a red block, but a genuine signal glitch that takes the dispatcher quite some time to track down and clear. I'm not sure what the cause is, but it's made quite a few of my South Bend rides into three hour affairs. I'm curious if anybody else has noticed this or if any employees have heard of some endemic problem with the new CTC system.
  by justalurker66
I have not listened for a while but red signals were pretty common during construction when CTC was extended. I have also seen delay notices on the NICTD website that refer to delays due to red signals.

Perhaps you are just lucky ... the last website delay notices for red signals were April 7th, April 10th and April 15th. Before that, "red signal" problems were reported January 3rd, February 6th, February 11th and March 25th. There were also Metra signal problems at Kensington on January 18th (not including scheduled weekend work at Kensington).
  by jb9152
When I was there, we had a problem with copper wire and impedance bond thefts causing red signals.
  by dinwitty
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