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  by Tadman
Looks like they're looking for cars to cover the expansion projects. Here's the real shocker: Sumitomo is not involved, after 35 years of building cars for the South Shore, their launch customer in the USA. I know there was a fiasco with the Amtrak project and Rochelle shut down, but Rochelle wasn't there for the 1982 order, either, and those cars are still going strong.

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This will be interesting, as Kawasaki is making noise about leaving the US market, leaving CRRC, BBD, and Rotem, plus figure on Siemens having an interest. I've been on CRRC electric cars in Argentina, they're not bad as an occasional passenger but they don't have the best quality rep with the locals. BBD is on a roll with the M9 and hungry for work. Rotem seems to want anything they can get, although nobody seems to be happy with them. Siemens seems to have a sterling track record the last few years. Amtrak is very happy with the new Chargers (when has Amtrak ever been very happy with new rolling stock?).

Also worth noting, the MR90 fleet in Montreal is 20 years old but fairly gently used and up for retirement in a year or so. It would require a complete overhaul due to age and propulsion differences, but there is an entire fleet and that might be the best bet with regard to cost.
  by eolesen
Is Rochelle fully wound down?
  by Backshophoss
Kawasaki was the builder of the LIRR C-3's and MBTA's K cars, both are bi-level designs, Lincoln has a full order book,WMTA 7000's,LIRR M-9's,
2nd run of M-8's for Conn DOT,2nd RUN OF PATH K EMU's,with fitting out at Yonkers NY plant.
Might be a good time to inqure,then get in line at Kawasaki.
  by superstar
Tadman wrote:Rotem seems to want anything they can get, although nobody seems to be happy with them.
Rotem has abandoned its Philadelphia plant, which doesn't really speak to their commitment to North America.
  by Ryand-Smith
ODDLy enough the M9s fits perfectly for this since you would just need the DC components, so it would be a M7 with the M9 pantograph
  by eolesen
With the single level cars, Amtrak locomotive orders announced today, and the VIA orders from last week, I'd say Siemens' order book is a bit packed right now.
  by Tadman
Looks like CRRC might be out as well.

https://www.enotrans.org/article/senate ... companies/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The US Senate has enacted a one year ban on Chinese rolling stock for commuter projects. It seems the freight car builders are worried the Chinese are selling super-cheap coaches in US plants that will then be turned on the freight business when a dip in passenger business occurs.

I'm no fan of CRRC but it would be nice to have the cars built fifty yards off the mainline in Hegewisch.
  by Nasadowsk
Ryand-Smith wrote:ODDLy enough the M9s fits perfectly for this since you would just need the DC components, so it would be a M7 with the M9 pantograph
High level platform only, which might be a problem on the South Shore, and obscenely heavy. The M-7s ride like crap, too. Door location is at least a bit more optimal, though I don't know how big of a factor that is for NICTD. Out on the LI, it's a big factor, they abandoned narrow doors at the car ends on their MU fleet back in the early 70's, and on the diesel fleet in the early 2000's.
  by justalurker66
On their last car order NICTD modified the design Metra Electric used and added end vestibules (non-cab end of each car) with steps for access to low level platforms. When paired back to back this provides a location where the conductor can open the traps and single door on adjoining cars and serve two cars at one boarding point on the platform. This is similar to the low level boarding on their single level fleet.

NICTD is planning for high level platforms at all stations, but there are a couple of flag stops where either a short high level platform can be used or traps will be needed to access a low level platform. There are traps on the Metra version of the cars, but they are not intended for routine use. Passenger loading at the high level platforms is much quicker.
  by Ryand-Smith
Oddly enough IF the NJT Bilevel Power Cars work out they could also fit since they have traps and high floor, and it would be easy to swap out AC control modules for a 1500VDC control module.
  by Tadman
Agreed, I think DC controls take less space than AC.