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  by CSS803
Does anyone know when the NICTD 1000 is ran on the line? I know they run it with freight sometimes and I've seen it switch freight cars around the shops. And are they using it during the weekend outages? This weekend is one of the outages and I could not fall asleep last night so I took a ride to Carroll Ave and the NICTD 1000 was coupled with a South Shore Freight engine and a caboose.

And does anyone have a pictures of the grey NICTD flat cars? I want to model them in HO scale.
  by JLJ061
Since the MTW-100 is self powered, it doesn't need any other motive power. The 1000 rarely leaves the Shops unless CSS is short on motive power and needs to borrow it.
  by justalurker66
Two years ago NICTD parked 1000 at Miller with a CSS engine on most of the "outage" weekends as protection. I don't believe they did that last year or this year (if they did they didn't use the Miller siding for parking).

I heard it used for one of those "CSS short on power" issues a month or two ago. NICTD used it for the ballast train when filling in the Pere Moran just west of IN 39. It is a rare sight.
  by PRRGuy
I haven't seen the 1000 leave the shops for a couple months now, but yes CSS Freight does "Borrow" it from time to time. Seems fair enough as we tend to borrow a CSS unit on some MOW trains when the 1000 is down or for pulling passenger trains through dead sections of overhead wire.

Also, the new line car is operated the by line & signal dept as a piece of MOW equipment, train service doesn't operate that.

Yes, I have shots of the MOW hoppers and the tie flats. One of the Ballast hoppers is former NYC as per the cast brake plate installed on the end of the car. The tie flats were rebuilt trailer train 85 footers. I'll dig up those photos and scan them shortly.
  by CSS803
yes, thanks you.
  by CSS803
Today I was at Carroll Ave till about 10:00 and they had the NICTD 1000 with a ballast train. I am guessing they lay ballast in the day. I am guessing they are going to run it tomorrow. Does anyone else know more???
  by Pensyfan19
Hello everyone. I need help finding information regarding this locomotive's history, and what it did for South Shore line. For what I know, it was originally built as a DT&I GP40, then was transferred to GTW, and then to South Shore line in 2001(?) and converted into a GP38-2. The locomotive was then painted grey and led maintenance trains on the line until 2020 when it was repainted into the current livery it has now and was given a pantograph for sleet clearing and signal testing on the overhead wires. Can anyone add anything else of interest to this as I am making a video for Remarkable Engines within the next few days. Thank you.
  by justalurker66
No "signals" on the overhead wire. 1000 and it's new buddy continue to perform the same tasks assigned since 1000 was put in to service.
  by Pensyfan19
Here is the video I made on this locomotive for Remarkable Engines, set to premiere at 4:15 PM ET tomorrow. (3:15PM CT, 2:15PM MT, 1:15PM MT) If you missed the premiere, the video itself is still found in this link. Hope you enjoy! :-D