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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by paulrail
I recently picked up an undecorated RDC-1 in the Proto 1000 line by Lifelike. I wold like to do it up in the original (pre- McGinnis) scheme. I already have several RDCs in the McGinnis paint scheme.

I discovered that George Bishop of "SMP Industries" had released a "Unipak" set (101-7063) for New Haven RDC cars, which included the "fight cancer" red sword, etc. I spoke with him about ordering this set but, tragically, all of his decal sets were destroyed last year in a flood at his business.
None of the Unipak "7000" series sets survived. He said he might have a few of the old 5000 series Accu-cal sets still available, but the Budd RDCs are gone.

I wondereed if any NH modelers might have a "spare" set available for purchase? Or, did any other decal manufacturer produce an RDC set for the New Haven RR Buddliners?

Any information would be appreciated.