• New York, Ontario & Western depot at Stockbridge

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nydepot
Was moved to Haslauer Rd Stockbridge and became a house. Author John Taibi had confirmed it. Anyone know exactly where on Haslauer Road? Thanks.
  by Old & Weary
Google Maps brings it right up. O&W right of way is difficult to follow from the air in this location.. Had to look for John's Munnsville Depot to start tracing it. Stockbridge depot might be the small house with the blue roof just east of the right of way but google does not have street view of this location so that's just a guess.
  by Old & Weary
That one looks to me like it's being used for a garage near a more recent house. There is a house on the right, on the opposite side of the road, which appears to have the right shape and roof but it might be too large. It would have had to have been lugged uphill but isn't too far from the right of way. The other houses in the area appear to be of recent construction with large lawns, odd shapes etc.
  by Old & Weary
Correction. I tried playing around with the Madison County real Property records . Most of their individual records don't have photographs but refer to Google and Bing Maps. Bing did have a street view of the blue roof house which turned out to a small modern house and not of depot heritage. Moving the image up and down the nearby area didn't produce much as the road is narrow with lots of foliage and the couple of houses visible didn't show any possible structures.
  by lvrr325
According to the Taibi book I am looking at Stockbridge's depot burned to the ground in 1888 and the replacement was a 7x9 foot shed, sold off in 1942.

However the NYO&W had three depots in the town of Stockbridge, Munnsville and Valley Mills being the others. The latter would also burn to the ground in 1893 and be replaced first with a similar 7x9 shed, then later a pair of a very plain 12x16 structures that had no real railroad appearance at all, one serving as a freight house. The photo of the latter shows it had two relatively large square end windows, a peaked roof, and a door about 2/3rds the way down the building.

You may have to go back to the tax maps and look for something with 12x16 dimensions. I see nothing that might match up save a swaybacked tin roofed thing in front of a barn that is half round topped a bit east of where the link above takes you, that seems to be only in the Bing street view and missing in the satellite images. 12x16 would be the size of a one car garage, provided you didn't have a '59 Lincoln or something.
  by lvrr325
FWIW I looked at my own house to get an idea how old Bing's street images might be and at least here it's 7-10 years old.