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  by Scotty Burkhardt
On track 8 there were two old coaches in New York Central paint this afternoon. I remember somebody telling me that somebody throws a party in them which seems rather odd.

How do they get to LaSalle Street and do/have they traveled the Rock Island District? Any info is great.

  by PRRGuy
how often are these cars there? Are they painted up as NYC or can you just read the faded lettering?

  by Scotty Burkhardt
They are painted to look like NYC coaches. They show up about twice a year. Both coaches are painted with the word "Charter" on the side. I didn't get the name on the dome car but the observation coach was named "St. James Place" According to the worker on site they are owned by a CEO of sorts.

  by AmtrakFan
Those cars are based in Milwaukee, WI.

  by Realityrail
They are owned by the Charter Wire Company and are used for entertaining customers.

  by Otto Vondrak

  by Scotty Burkhardt
In Chicago? HA! This city is infested with want-to-be cops that hassle you for any/everything. Sadly I have no pictures as these were a very cool set .

  by EricL
Are these the same two coaches that were sitting over on track 8 for several weeks this past summer?

  by meh
Otto Vondrak wrote:Pictures?
I have seen these cars on the station tracks in Milwaukee, WI, several times. Positioning moves between Milwaukee and Chicago often occur on the last Hiawatha of the day (trains 341 and 342).

The dome was built as UP 7003 in 1954. Photos of its current New York Central look as Charter Wire Company's business train (which, ironically, is not available for charters) are here: "Charter Club" photo 1 and "Charter Club" photo 2. The other car is "St. James Place."

  by Tadman
I've seen those cars floating around Amtrak's coach yard a few weeks ago.

  by AmtrakFan
I have some Photos I just need to dig them up 1st.