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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by Flat-Wheeler
Whoa, what ? RS ? Customer in Hamburg ? Are you sure you are not thinking of the Buffalo Southern, running some cars down to Gowanda for storage on the NYLE ? BTW- I wonder what customer in Hamburg.
  by thebigham
^He was talking about the Buffalo Southern going to Gowanda to interchange with the NY&LE.

I saw pics on Facebook of the 2 FPAs pulling and the S1 pushing.
  by AbandonedRailroader
I believe these were stored along Route 5 in Lackawanna since the fall. I guess they are storing them in Dayton now.?
  by Flat-Wheeler
Gowanda yard is getting that string of new cars ? Are the expanding plastics plants in Houston that overloaded they need to store new leased cars in Gowanda, or is this for new up & coming business on the NYLE ??? Awesome video BTW. Looks like the one chance to highball and make the rail joints sing.
  by pablo
The Jamestown paper has an article about yet more foolishness with this railroad.

I continue to be disgusted at how this entire line (and no, I'm not talking about the Buffalo Southern) has been allowed to founder for the two decades that I have been around. Opportunity after opportunity has been missed, the line gets worse and worse, and people keep getting the snow job of "there's passenger rail coming!"

It's very sad; it's going to take either force or father time to set this right, unfortunately, and there aren't enough interests here to force anything to happen. Someone will enjoy their 1:1 scale model train set to the detriment of the region's business possibilities.

http://www.post-journal.com/page/conten ... l?nav=5057" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

David Becker
  by Matt Langworthy
Unfortunately, non-subscribers can't read the full article. We can only see the opening paragraph, which refers to Planes, Trains & Automobiles being shot on the NY&LE. Can you give a synopsis of what the article says? I can guess, but want to make sure.
  by pablo
Sure, love to. Mind you, I'll also add my input here, too.

Here's the quote from the third paragraph of the article:

"The local rail maintained by New York & Lake Erie Railroad Inc. received $732,768 to rehabilitate the rail line between South Dayton and Cherry Creek, which will allow passengers to travel from Gowanda to Cherry Creek."

Here's the text from the rail grant press release:

"The local rail maintained by New York & Lake Erie Railroad Inc. received $732,768 to rehabilitate the rail line between South Dayton and Cherry Creek, which will allow passengers to travel from Gowanda to Cherry Creek." (https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/govern ... -statewide" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;)

Paragraph four from the Post-Journal article:
"This is just step one in the local rail owner's minds. Robert Dingman, owner of New York & Lake Erie Railroad Inc., believes that this could become much more for Western New York. The upgraded rails could enhance the experience for business out here, but more money is needed."

The current rail line operator has done little with the line as is, and in the not too distant past was looking to rip up rails on the line.

Paragraphs five and six from the Post-Journal article:

""The rail mine (sic) that runs from Buffalo to Jamestown that line has been disused as a through route since 1974," Dingman said. "It's been separated in pieces, but in order to resurrect the line and use it for the future, you need some argument on why you should do it. And the thing that I come up with is tourism.

"We are going to be able to flow people to festivals. Not because it's the fastest means of transportation, but because rail tourism is a $400 million industry in the U.S."

There are a variety of reasons why this cannot happen with Dingman at the helm. I'm happy to say more later.

Paragraph summary for paragraphs seven, eight and nine:
A partial list of rail grants that has been provided for the region. Additionally, since the big idea is now to do "tourism," the grant language for other areas off the NYLE is for business. Business which has been allowed to wither under the current operator.

Paragraph ten from the Post-Journal article:
"They (the Erie County Industrial Development Agency) made a commitment in their grant application to run (passenger transportation) activity," Dingman said, "and to reconnect to the Southern Tier. That's a big positive step forward."

There is zero chance for this to happen with the current operator. There has been not only zero progress along these lines since 2003, the line I assume he means has been allowed to fall into total disrepair...just like the eastern branch of the line has.

However, my personal favorite comes from the end of the article. Again, from the article:
"Others will need to put together an effort to transport people into this area.
(italics mine)
"It requires some cooperation between different municipalities that control the line, different operators that control different pieces of the line," Dingman said. "But (tourism) is doable and what this grant application shows is that somebody beyond us has said this sounds like an idea we can support. They put money where our mouth was, I guess."

I'm blown away that money was given to this line. I can't fathom what the IDA is doing allowing this guy to continue to play with a 1:1 trainset when other choices are out there.

By the way, I Googled the title and found the article in full. I don't know if that stuff gets taken down or whatever: anyone is welcome to yank the content if needed.

Dave Becker
  by Matt Langworthy
Thanx. I kinda figured it was going to be what you quoted, but confirmation never hurts. There is no need for regular passenger service between Jamestown and Buffalo, so Dingman's comment is a bit of a pipe dream. On the other hand, I don't mind seeing the NY&LE get some funds to rehab the line so they run excursions again. it is pretty countryside down there, and I wouldn't mind taking another ride on NY&LE.
  by pablo
The problem is, though, that there are, and have been, opportunities. Excursions don't pay the bills, and they don't get a line healthy.

The IDA has been made aware, at least twice that I know of, concerns, but as we all know here, most of the public doesn't understand what a railroad is or does, and they certainly don't get what a railroad could be.

As I said, it's either going to take force or father time. Right now, though, is the last best chance to get something going. It's likely going to slip away to nothing once more.

David Becker
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