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  by timberley
Hello all,

The announcement just came in today that VIA Rail is going to be building a new station in Brockville Ontario, as part of their Kingston sub improvements.

Here's a link to the press release:

http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/arch ... c8142.html

Since Brockville is pretty much home for me, this is rather exciting news! Although at the same time, it will be sad to see the old station gone. I'll have to get in and get as many photos as I can this winter, before they start work next year.

The project will include a full new $7-million station, to be built immediately to the east of the current one, which will subsequently (presumably) be demolished. I expect this means the old CN building just east along the platform will likely be gone as well.

The track arrangement is to be substantially altered as well, as part of the Kingston sub upgrades, with another main line added, and a second platform. I take it that the old station is directly in the way of this new development.

All in all, another nice announcement to hear! Upgrades to VIA's system in the corridor are well overdue, and always welcome. Now if only they'd get on to fixing up the lines through New Brunswick.... :P
  by Montrealrail
Very good new from this station..
I hope they will keep this painting on the wall..
  by timberley
Montrealrail wrote:Very good new from this station..
I hope they will keep this painting on the wall..
I really hope so! That was painted by students over at one of the local high schools (Thousand Islands Secondary School, or TISS). While I attended one of the other "rival" schools in town, I still appreciate the work they did there, and it would be a true shame to lose it. They should include a special place for it in the designs for the new station!