• New signs on River sub, Teaneck NJ

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  by CPSK
Yesterday while crossing a foot bridge I noticed that CSX had put up some small yellow signs at about mp 10 (just south of the old West Englewood station). I couldn't read the signs from the bridge and thought they were speed restrictions. However, when I actually got close enough to read the signs, I found them to be the ones shown in this photo: http://www.railroadsignals.us/signs/stopsign1e.jpg
Reading on that site that these are approach signs, there must be stop signs ahead.
There is one sign for each of the three tracks at this location.
I listened to the radio last night and didn't hear anything about stop or speed restrictions in the area.

Does anyone know what CSX is doing or about to do on the River sub at or near CP10?


  by charlie6017
More than likely there is a temporary work zone ahead and crews are required to radio the foreman at the site for permission
through the work zone. The foreman of course lets the crew know whether to stop, or proceed and at what speed to proceed
through the work zone. I will move this to the "operations" forum.......I'm thinking maybe a past or present RR employee or two
maybe can better help with this. I'm not qualified to fully answer :-)

  by railman616
Since CSX got off of NORAC rules they came up with new signage for work areas and speed restriction. That is a "Warning Board" meaning now the crew has to check their Dispatcher's Bulletin to determine what type of restriction is ahead. In NORAC an "Approach board" "A" board meant a work area ahead and a "Approach Speed Limit" "number" board was a speed restriction ahead. Nice and simple. Also in NORAC the background color of the board indicates if the restriction is on the Main route or on a diverging route. CSX does not have any indication for a diverging restriction.
  by Railjunkie
To add just a little more.. The sign in question can mean a conditional stop, speed restiction or both at the same location. One sign covers it all. Also used for testing the crews knowledge of the rules, ie the sign can be placed anywere not be on your bulletin and you will be expected to follow certain proceedures or else Q--- bring your train to safe stop and stand by.