• New Signals on Wildwood Sub.

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by twropr
As I was driving along the former SAL on Route 301, I noticed that the automatic signals had been removed at Lawtey, FL and that the automatic signals immediately north of the interlocking at Highland, FL had been relocated to the north end of a road crossing at MP 663.4. Have there been other signal relocations on this line?

  by KevinD
With the start-up of Orlando area commuter ops (SunRail) on the former ACL line south of Jax, the former SAL line from Baldwin thru Ocala and Wildwood is seeing some upgrades in preparation of CSX moving most freight traffic off the ACL and onto the SAL. The SAL will become CSX's primary line in Florida.

Here are some engineering docs on the project. PDF format, some are big and require time to load.

  by Ocala Mike
Signals approaching the Ocala station (visible from the overpass on Pine) look to be new, that is, much higher and brighter. I think the old signals haven't been removed yet; will check again tonight. Also, need to check the approach lit signals at Belleview if and when I pass there at the right time.
  by gracebeliever077
Along the same lines of this thread I was wondering something, as I am making a Google Earth file marking the milepost on each Sub in the Jacksonville Division, regarding the mileposts & the website fragis.frasafety.net and their mapping of the same. Looking on Google Earth with an imagery date of 12/17/2011 there is a signal tower at MP 664.15 (using the measuring tool on Google Earth). There is a timetable online dated 2005 that states the signal for Highlands is at 665.7 yet there is nothing there. Keeping in mind the mileposts most times are visible and I have been marking them thus. So I haven't been haphazard in my work. For instance MP652 on the Jax Terminal Sub coincides with the visual on Google Earth as well as fragis in relation to the crossing at Yellow Water Rd. So then, following the main line down onto the Wildwood Sub, using that measuring tool in GE, making a path line for 1 mile I come to MP653. There appears to be a tower at that point just inside the North end of Baldwin yard and I presume a MP. Stretching a line from there along that Eastern single track separated from the yard by a tree line I clearly see a MP shadow at 655, 656, 657 then again at 663 ( I don't see one at 654 or any after 657 until 663 but assume, of course, they are there) continuing; 664. I have stopped temporarily at this point attempting to figure out what gives. Additionally I know it is the practice occasionally, for whatever reason, to shorten certain distances between MP but have not found anything in regards. Any insight would be appreciated.