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  by R36 Combine Coach
Backshophoss wrote:Pullman-Standard built the Superliner I's, not sure which builder did the Superliner II's and Surfliners,believe Nippon-Shayou/Sumitomo, after the Midwest/California order is done,would be the best choise for Amtrak's 3rd gen Superliner order.
Superliner IIs were built by Bombardier in Barre, VT (car bodies from Quebec). The Surfliners were MK/Amerail (later Alstom).
  by Tadman
I know P-S built the first order of Superliners, but they had a bunch of plants in Chicago - you have 108th/Cottage Grove (original plant), 119th/Racine (West Pullman), 103rd/Cottage Grove (later MK plant), 111th and Doty (later Ryerson Steel), and 165th in Hammond (originally Standard Steel car, later merged into Pullman Palace to make Pullman-Standard). I don't know if they ever owned the Pressed Steel Car factory at 136th and Torrance.

I'm curious which plant made the original batch of superliners. I always thought it was Hammond but I don't know why.