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  by DutchRailnut
Don't know about New Rochelle but believe something is happening to interlocking east of Norwalk ??? CP244 maybe.

  by mntktagnt
Something about track 4 becoming track 6 (gauntlet).
Also track 6 becomes track 8. Cutover was supposed to be this weekend.

  by Clean Cab
CP 217 is changing this weekend. They tried last weekend but were delayed by the snow. This is only the first stage of a huge project to reconfigure the entire New Rochelle area over the next 4 to 5 years. Yard tracks in the "Old Yard" at CP 217 were renumbered tracks 6, 8 and 10. The new track 6 holds 16 cars for turnaround trains. Eventually the track #4 platform at New Rochelle will be moved to where track #2 is after the North Ave bridge abutment is removed and track #6 the "Gauntlet" track will have its own side platform to be used mainly by Amtak trains.

CP 216 will have almost all of its switches removed except for those two tracks leading onto and off of the Helgate Branch that will allow Amtrak trains to go 30 mph instead of the current 15 mph. There will also be a new Amtrak controlled interlocking just west of CP 216 that will be controlled by Section A Dispatchers called "Manor". CP 215 at Pelham will also be coming on line very soon. So there will be plenty of work in the New Rochelle area for quite a while to come!!

And yes, the long propsed "Flyover" track(s) idea is dead!!
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  by DutchRailnut
Now will it speed up Amtrak ?? nope unless they show upon scheduled time at CP216, otherwise their still behind the on time running MNCR trais ;-)

  by mntktagnt
Hey, thanks so much for the info.
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  by Clean Cab
This project will not so much speed up Amtrak trains, as it will make more and longer platforms available for both MN and Amtrak trains without having to go at restricted speed. This is a far cry from Amtrak's insanely expensive dream of a flyover track that would have allowed them to do 45 mph on and off the Hellgate branch. This new configuration isn't perfect and is a bit confusing, but I guess its better than the current configuration!!

  by Terminal Proceed
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