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  by nh chris
Hey, All. Today's Stamford Advocate has an article describing a bill working its way through the CT legislature that apparently will pay for 20 new railcars (and locos) to run on Metro North. See:

http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/lo ... -headlines

The article states in part:

"Earlier estimates were the 20 cars and new locomotives would begin arriving in one to two years.

But Lyons yesterday said the state Department of Transportation recently told her Connecticut will be able to "piggyback" on an order for cars now being filled under a manufacturer's contract with Virginia."

I assume this means that we are getting another Genesis or two, as well as some cars that the Genny can drag around, since designing an M-8 would be impossible in the timeframe they cite. Does anyone have any more details?

NH Chris

  by DutchRailnut
old news

  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
So looks like Connecticut is going with diesels and non-powered coaches, push-pull. So much for M8's, eh.

  by DutchRailnut
no the 60 million is for temporary measures. to add 2000 seats till M8's are built , CDOT will not go for locomotive hauled equipment for the replacements of M2's see the other tread. or visit Commuter counsil web page at :

  by nh chris
I'm sorry, Dutchrailnut, but I must have missed the earlier discussion. I guess it was lost when the forum rebooted a while back.

I still do not understand how the $60 million will add 2000 seats until the M8's arrive, without push-pull locos. What sort of temporary work do they plan?

I understand from the minutes of the meeting why they do not wish to replace EMUs with push-pull diesels, but I didn't see anything in the minutes about new equipment, other than a discussion of the far-off M8s.

The way I read it, the politico quoted in the article was talking about new seats, not renovations. I do not doubt that the reporter could have scr*wed up the facts, but the article mentions "20 cars and new locomotives". Do you mind clearing this up?


NH Chris

  by DutchRailnut
leave it to reporters to screw up all facts.
yes they are looking for cars but to order them would take a while (3-4 year) Locomotives Dual mode are currently unavailable unless a minimum order of 15 is placed, to ofset developement cost of new GEVO gennie.
So most likely were talking temporary cars like the Virginia Marfesa or LIRR C1 double deckers.
not much else is available right now.

  by F23A4
Outside of MNCR west (read: Hoboken), I'm not too familiar with MNCR equipment. Which model designation is for the EMUs that frequent Stamford? (LIRR-looking design-orange stripe with the Amtrak Metroliner pan-type/overhead compressor unit/intake(?))

Anyway, while waiting for my Acela ride home (STM-NWK), I had my first chance to look at this EMU up close and they seem to be in poor condition. (sort of equivalent to NJT's Comet 1B--not good)

Initially, I regretted paying the $60+ for the Acela ride (seeing as I could have taken the MNCR Express to GCT for $8 in about the same time) but seeing how crowded and dingy these EMUs looked (esp. compared to Acela), it was a short lived regret.

  by JayMan
Here's all the information you need:


Hudson and Harlem lines: EMUs, M-1a, M-3a (and now) M-7a cars. Blue stripe. DC third rail power. These are pretty much identical to the MUs that the LIRR presently run, except for 3rd rail shoes and color scheme. They run in the electric territory in New York -- GCT to Croton-Harmon on the Hudson Line and Southeast (Brewster North) on the Harlem line.

Shoreliner (Comet) II III and IV push-pulls coaches and P-32DM Genesis locomotives. Diesel loco's and non-powered coaches run on all East of Hudson lines. For Hudson line to Poughkeepsie, Harlem to Wasaaic, and New Haven line on the Danbury and Waterbury branch.

New Haven Line: EMUs, M-2, M-4 and M-6 cars. Same design as the M-1 cars, except red striped (that's an M-2 in my avatar), owned by Conn DOT, with pantograph for overhead catenary power in addition to 3rd rail shoes. M-4s and 6's are triplet sets with a middle car.

SPV-2000s push-pulls converted from former DMU cars. Red striped. Used on the Shore Line branch (Shore Line East -- not really a Metro North branch, but a CDOT outfit contracted to and operated by Amtrak, east of New Haven to Old Saybrook and New London) in addition to a few Shoreliner II's. GP-40-2H's Loco's pulling.
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  by DutchRailnut
The Shoreline East units 6694-6699 are not GP38's but GP40-2H.
The ex MEC GP38's 253-257 that CDOT use to have were sold about 4 years ago.

  by JayMan
I stand corrected.

  by weakcheeks
M4 & M6's middle cars have full propulsion system on them.

  by DutchRailnut
correct and compressors as well, the middle car can be moved by itself with a slow speed Hostler control located at B -end.
  by metroduff
Please note - Shore Line East is not a branch of Metro-North. It is a separate service operated by Amtrak on their tracks under contract to CDOT, which owns the equipment.

  by JayMan
I know. Shortly (if they haven't yet) however Metro-North is supposed to take over operation of the facilities of the SLE in New Haven and both are owned by the CDOT, so...

  by DutchRailnut
Jay only the maintenance, the operation of SLE stays with Amtrak.