• New rail car for NCPD police academy

  • Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.
Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by Norton
The following information has been received from a reliable source:
"A LIRR Train Car is being delivered to the NCPD Police Academy. This will take place on Friday June 14, 2024 at approximately 11 am. It will be delivered by a crane. It will be escorted by the NCPD and the MTA. They will enter the college thru Endo Blvd."

For those unaware, the academy is located at the east end of the Nassau Community College campus.
  by The Tenth Legion
It's for BSO and ES training, as well as familiarizing Academy recruits for when they're out on patrol post-academy and if they arrive at a job before the MTAPD.
  by Head-end View
Smart thinking on the Police Dept's part. Similarly, the Nassau County Fire Service Academy has had a pair of electric MU cars for many years for firefighter training.
  by Head-end View
Correct K & K. BSO is a large county-wide plainclothes unit used for various anti-crime problems. And unlike in New York City, they are also the SWAT team.
Norton (and Everyone): Retired LIRR M3 MU car 9794 (Built by Budd in 1985) to the NCPD Academy at NCC...
Was the flatbed move from nearby end of track in Mitchel Field or from the Hillside Facility?
Other than the easily-removable graffiti tag (off of stainless steel) 9794 looks fine...

The mate to this married pair was 9793 which was used in work train service during leaf removal season
am I correct? Will 9793 also go to the NCPD Academy (keeping the pair together) or remain with the LIRR?
In other instances LIRR MU cars were donated as pairs to Police and Fire training facilities...

Good to see that 9794 as example will be of further use outside the LIRR and not be scrapped...
Norton - In closing send my regards to "Ralphieboy" :wink: MACTRAXX
  by Bad Luck
The car was brought by the railroad to the transfer location just east of the Quentin Roosevelt crossing, where it was then loaded to the flatbed.