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  by Jeff Smith
Hidden with the news of a battery-powered ESA rescue engine, Yaphank news: WebArchive:Newsday

Original Newsday
Also at the meeting, Free noted that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in December put a contract out to bid for the construction of a new station in Yaphank.

Bidding opened on Jan. 31 for the “New East Yaphank Station,” as it’s referred to in published MTA documents. The contract, which is estimated to cost between $10 million and $50 million, calls for a two-train car platform, a parking lot with 50 spaces, a platform shelter shed, and a “kiss-and-ride loop for drop-offs.”

The contract would also require the construction of an access roadway linking it to existing roads, and the demolition of the existing Yaphank station, on Yaphank Avenue and Park Street.

The LIRR has said it is looking to move the existing station farther east. Suffolk County and Town of Brookhaven officials have recommended a site just east of the William Floyd Parkway and south of the Long Island Expressway.
JS - Interesting news about advancing the project to move Yaphank Station eastward about 1 1/2 miles to
William Floyd Parkway (Suffolk County Route 46-Runs from Smith Point Park and Mastic Beach south -
passing the Montauk Branch Mastic-Shirley Station - north past the Brookhaven National Laboratory to
Ridge and Shoreham - NYS 25 and 25A) which has the potential of good road access with the LIE also close
by and proximity to more populated areas (North Shirley and Manorville) then the current Yaphank Station.

I was previously aware of this proposal for a relocated Yaphank Station that until now has been just talk...

The main reason for the Yaphank Station location was the close proximity of some Suffolk County facilities
- specifically the Suffolk County Police Headquarters which is within walking distance S of the station...

I note the wide variation of the pricetag for the new East Yaphank Station (if that is the name being used)
A two-car high level platform for the Ronkonkoma-Greenport "Scoot" trains is all that would be needed.
Land in the vicinity is available to construct a parking lot along with adding new road access...

Keeping both Yaphank stations would offer added service options - but would not be necessary with the
low ridership that the Ronkonkoma-Greenport "Scoot" trains have...

The current Yaphank Station is located at Mile 58.6 (from LI City) which is about 10 miles east of Ronkonkoma.
The new station would be at or near Mile 60...The next station east is Riverhead (Mile 73.3)...Greenport (Mile 94.3)
is exactly 21 miles east of Riverhead in term of mileages between Ronkonkoma and Greenport for the record...
  by Jeff Smith

Yaphank is the first station east of Ronkonkoma, right? Are all the platforms east of Ronk high level?

PS I remember the Holtsville flag stop....
JS - Glad you asked that question -

MEDFORD (Mile 54.1)at NYS 112 N/S is the first station east of Ronkonkoma (48.5)...
Holtsville was located at Mile 51.8 - closed in the late 1990s...I recall your mention that you once lived nearby...

All stations east of Ronkonkoma: Medford, Yaphank, Riverhead, Mattituck, Southold and Greenport are
high level and listed as platforming ONE C3 car - but are long enough to accommodate one door open
on a second car if necessary - specifically at Riverhead and Greenport...MACTRAXX
  by northpit
10 to 50 million for a couple slabs of concrete and a parking lot. for 5 people
  by The Tenth Legion
No Suffolk County cops assigned to HQ in Yaphank use the LIRR. None.
TL: I figured that no SCPD Officers or staff used the LIRR with the limited Ronkonkoma-Greenport Scoot service...
The service option is available for those without a vehicle that may have a need to visit SCPD HQ or other SC
facilities in the Yaphank Station vicinity located both north and south along Yaphank Avenue (CR 21)...

The nearest available Suffolk Transit bus in the Yaphank Station area is the 77Y to/from Patchogue with limited
service on weekdays only to Suffolk County Probation then terminating at the Yaphank Correctional Facility...
Four AM and four PM trips terminate at YCF: 6:46, 7:46, 8:46 and 9:46 AM; 4:47, 5:47,6:47 and 7:47 PM.
Four AM and five PM trips originate at YCF: 6:12, 7:12, 8:12 and 9:12 AM; 4:16, 5:16, 6:16, 7:16 and 8:16 PM.
The ST 77Y bus serves North Bellport, South Medford and East Patchogue to the Patchogue LIRR Station...

The East Yaphank Station/WFP area once had a ST bus route in the vicinity - the 7D ran as a loop to and from
Shirley Mall (near Mastic-Shirley Station) using Moriches-Middle Island Road across WFP to West End Avenue.
This route was discontinued in October 2016 due to ST budget cuts and low ridership...

The East Yaphank Station relocation is going to open up options for some riders by directly serving the CR46/
William Floyd Parkway corridor with its good road access to points north and south along with the LIE nearby.
Ending will be the limited rail access to the Suffolk County Yaphank Avenue facilities leaving the 77Y bus as the
only remaining public transit service available...MACTRAXX
  by jonvit69
my family was involved with the whole area near the yaphank station. during the 70s my grandparents farm was condemned from the county for expansion> the idea (or lies in my opinion) was to make yaphank the county seat of suffolk moving from riverhead,being that yaphank was centrally located. the yaphank station would bring citizens there for government issues, or visitation to both the suffolk infirmary and minimum security facility. the bridge that is built over the tracks on yaphank ave. was what really ruined the station. the bridge was actually supposed to go over william floyd pkwy on the montauk branch. however politics and $$$ played the role . there claim was that the train was blocking yaphank ave and the highway patrol of the scpd couldnt get to the expressway . the scoot at that time was 1 car and a engine, and the friday night run to greenport was done with. the freight was also in decline. another part of history taken away! but dont blame the riders,blame the poor planning of suffolk county and the LIRR! i submitted many ideas to help the LIRR that fell on dead ears. instead of spending $$$ on a station, bring tourism getting #39 and #1556 back running. making the run from yaphank to greenport. no need for extra track. and you cant go fast in that section of track anyway so the engines could handle it. reopen the manorville station.
  by freightguy
There was a really good special on PBS recently that had quick blurb about Yaphank and how people used the station to get to Camp Siegfried during the lead up to World War II and the rise of Hilter. The camp was just north of the current station.
  by upton
"I you build it ,they will come"(Field of dreams). It is the same train that would leave the Station every THREE hours. That would increase ridership? Pave the parking lot at the present location ,it could handle at least 20-30 cars. The Yaphank station is easy to locate (everybody has a GPS on there phone) and only a 1/4 mile from the Expressway.
  by workextra
The question is will relocating the station make it “walkable” for the developments around the Wm Floyd pky?
Is it solely for the purpose a a mega park and ride multi modal facility?
Is it a necessary to facilitate the proposed extension at BRT?

Otherwise Theres no reason to spends that much.
They need to install modern signals out there and increase the service.
However they need to build it up to handle the freight too. And not clog up the main with either passenger or freight.

It’s a delegate balance of coast vs versatility vs necessities
WE - Agree with all your observations about a relocated East Yaphank Station...

From referring to my Hagstrom's Suffolk County Atlas I noticed that Mastic-Shirley Station is exactly 3
miles south on William Floyd Parkway (CR 46) from the proposed East Yaphank Station site...
As we know there is available service on the Montauk Branch as another option...

Upton - NOT everyone has GPS on their phones...The phone I carry is basic audio communication...
From LIE Exit 67-Yaphank Avenue (CR 21) to Exit 60-Hawkins Avenue is about 10 miles which is basically
the same as the LIRR (Ronkonkoma-48.5; Yaphank 58.6 miles from LIC) distance-wise...

I believe that most people that use the LIRR would rather drive the extra distance to take advantage of
much more frequent through electric service instead of dealing with the limited schedule of the Scoot
east of Ronkonkoma - provided that parking is available at Ronkonkoma especially on weekdays...

As we know Ronkonkoma is a "Magnet Station" drawing passengers from a wide section of central and
eastern Suffolk County with its frequent half-hourly electric service since the completion of ESA and the
Main Line Third Track Project - and has grown to become since the Hicksville-Ronkonkoma Electrification
(completed January 18, 1988) the second-highest ridership station (Hicksville is #1) on the LIRR in Nassau
and Suffolk Counties not counting Jamaica or the City Terminal Zone...

Unless there are track and signal upgrades east of Ronkonkoma to allow trains to operate at higher speeds
than the current 40 MPH (the almost-15 mile segment between Yaphank and Riverhead is a prime example)
to 60 MPH where practical (the 20 MPH limit through Riverhead with the Station along with all of the grade
crossings will not change) with some Scoot service increases these trains will not be able to compete with
what is available from Ronkonkoma westward - and for that matter add the Montauk Branch...

  by workextra
Heard on the grapevine, there is a proposal to install bi-directional traffic and automatic block signaling between Riverhead and Ronkonkoma by 2030-3035+/-.
These upgrades should accompany a track speed increase back 65 for passengers between the 2 locations with the 20 restriction becoming 15 due to cab signal coding and the crossing gates in Riverhead.
It would be interesting to see if between fencing and possibly closing some crossing west of the station, and replacing that under-grade bridge, They may be able to increase. Speed between MP 73 and the Riverhead platform.

This all cost significant money and the railroad knows people would use it if there was hourly scoot service similar to babylon-Patchogue

The bigger concern with passenger trains here is weather or not some of the close Stations should be restored and if they would generate:
1) divert ridership from KO and justify
a minimum 2 car high platform
2) help to achieve a walkable community

Additionally they need to study where these stations need to be to meet both of those goals.

You need to design this in a way that you encourage customers to take advantage of not driving to Ronkonkoma.

With respect to freight:
You can’t ignore it. It’s a very real thing here and very beneficial to the quality of life and safety by keeping as much fright off the streets and highways as possible.

Simply signaling the current layout along helps but it’s just not enough.
A serious consideration should be given to install a siding controlled or uncontrolled at a location where NYAR deems in a necessity to facilitate freight service w/o interference with the increased passenger service.
There’s a lot involved here. Because of the large amount of freight there.

I guess we need to sit back and wait.
Wait to see if it’s done right or screwed up? Has there been any updates
On this?

Between Brookhqven S68.8 on the Montuak and Yahpank On the mainline
The LIRR and Southern Road are as close as 2 miles apart.
The closes the 2 companies got east of Jamaica.
Interesting how the connection wasn’t relocated here and kept in place between MR & PT.
I wonder if it was relocated here if it would still have been removed after the War.
WE: Thank You for the reply...I think you mean 2030-2035 for future upgrades of the Main Line into Riverhead...
I agree with you again about your observations...

With the mention of the close proximity of the Main Line and the Montauk Branch in the Yaphank and
South Haven (Park) vicinity I checked the Hagstrom's Suffolk County Atlas that I have - using the scale
of miles it is exactly 2 1/2 miles from the Main Line east of Yaphank Station following primarily the west
boundary of South Haven County Park and Gerrard Road across Victory Avenue, Sunrise Highway (NY-27)
and Montauk Highway to the Montauk Branch west of the Carmans River...A connecting track or branch
could have once been a possibility depending how the exact routing was developed over time...

Today a proposal like this no matter how practical - is bound to run into some type of NIMBY
opposition that seems to be just normal for Long Island...It would be interesting to just get
a general idea what a new 2 1/2 mile connecting track segment construction would cost...
  by The Tenth Legion
A long siding once existed at Medford. I do not recall when the siding was removed, however. The bridge over Rte. 112 is still a two-tracker. That could again be a location for a controlled siding.