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  by Tadman
Recently I learned that there are two NORTA cars owned by San Francisco. Given that NORTA cars are broad gauge and MUNI is not, how is that dealt with? Are replacement trucks fitted or new wheelsets used? Or other?

  by NaugyRR
The last time I did Guest Motorman at the CT Trolley Museum I had asked my instructor the same question regarding their "Desire" car. If I remember correctly, the trucks did not need to be changed.
https://www.ct-trolley.org/about/collec ... rvice-836/
  by Tadman
Very interesting, from the page you linked, I searched the truck model. I can't find anybody else using the 76-E2 truck. What is really interesting is that Brill evidently refused to do an MCB truck, which is bloody nuts from a 2018 perspective. I'm curious now if NORTA has converted them to rollerbearing or if they still use friction bearings. I'm going to take a walk this afternoon and find out.

https://books.google.com/books?id=eqKKr ... E2&f=false" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Above - brill books with this info.
  by ebtmikado
For many streetcars, regauging is reasonably easy:
Press the wheels inward the correct amount for the new track gauge,
and either adjust or move the brake rigging so that the shoes ride correctly on the wheels.