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  by planespotting
Pictures of the new NJT heritage fleet GP40PH-2 # 4101 have begun circulating on railpictures.net and youtube. Looks great! Can't wait to see in revenue service. Probably already wandering the network somewhere.
  by Roadgeek Adam
Links to pictures would be nice, you know. ;)
  by GSC
  by GSC
United Railroad Historical Society of NJ
NJ TRANSIT rolled out their newest special project today and we are so proud to share URHS’s role in it! 4101 was one of the few GP40s that wore this sharp blue and silver NJDOT paint scheme from the early days of state-operated public transit. Back in July, some folks from NJT approached us about helping to get the details on this unit exactly right. Several units in our collection will receive this exact same paint job, so this is as a great opportunity to collaborate on some research that we would both share.

Our volunteers spent the following weeks finding primary sources, mixing paint, and matching that paint to dry samples in equipment in our collection. (It took 6 tries until we got the blue just right!) We also provided artwork for the lettering, and made this full diagram and instructions for the crew who would do the real work of making it real.
And for good measure, we also made 4101’s number boards right here at our shop in Boonton, and donated them to the project.

We’re proud to say that this unit is picture-perfect accurate to the original in every way practical. Congrats to the shop team for a job well done, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of the process!
  by NJT4272
Good! Now that we've got the color correct finally, can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE repaint NJDOT E8 4253 in Boonton Yard the right way? Hell, I'll even help. I did it once - I can do it again.
  by Bracdude181
Seems they wanna get their U34CH painted and running first.
GSC and Everyone:
Interesting heritage locomotive with the NJDOT color scheme-good to see co-operation between URHS and NJT.
From what I remember the NJDOT color scheme was primarily used during the 1970s - the EL U34CH locomotives
I believe were the first to use these colors - and became somewhat more prevalent during the early Conrail years
beginning April 1, 1976 until NJT was created in 1979-80...

Was the NJDOT "Arrow" logo that was used on #4101 a reflectorized decal type similar to what was used on the
locomotives then that got the NJDOT scheme? I remember that all three MU car types - Jersey Arrow 1-2-3 were
delivered with the NJDOT logo - those conveyed to NJT got the "stripes" with the first being A3 MU cars that were
assigned to the "Jersey Cannon Ball" running between Trenton and NY Penn Station...

I always thought that the NJDOT color scheme was adequate for its time - I now wonder how a GG1 would have
appeared in NJDOT colors instead of PC black...At least some of the E units got-and looked decent-in the NJDOT
color scheme during those late 1970s years on the North Jersey Coast trains...MACTRAXX
  by NJT4272
Ken W2KB wrote: Mon Oct 03, 2022 1:33 pm https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=53 ... 03KVGayeyA
So I see that this restoration is accurate right down to the period Leslie 'dome' back cap S-3 horn with the separate, single, rear-facing S-1 horn on its own manifold, giving it a split manifold 4 chime horn. Now the question is: What 4 Leslie bells make up that horn? It can't be a Leslie SL-4T as that was a rare, mostly Amtrak horn that wasn't introduced until 1973. The horn configuration it's currently sporting can be seen in photos before that time.

From the limited photos so far, it looks like a Leslie S-3L and the extra single chime is a #55 bell. Seems to be no information on this seemingly CNJ-unique horn, so If anyone in the know has any information, please share. I'd like to hear what that sounds like........