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  by PRRGuy
I was in the Mich City yard today and back behind the shop building was this big yellow car..looked kinda like a Sperry rail car but more modern, anyways it it NICTD in bid black letters on the side and "Catenary Inspection Car" or something close to that underneath it. Question is...when did they purchase that and has anyone seen it out on the line yet?

  by MikeF
The new "line car" arrived about a year ago. I think the wording on the side is "Catenary Maintenance Vehicle." I haven't personally seen it on the line, but it's been out quite a bit.

  by PRRGuy
Interesting, I didn't know it was around that long..I always thought that that truck with the platform was kind of an odd replacement for the 1100. Hopefully, I'll grab some pictures when I'm out there one night.