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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by BigIronHorse
Newbie here just saying hi.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Welcome! What brings you to the A&A forums? Have you ridden on their railroad recently? Have you seen it while driving through town? We are a great group of guys here with plenty of knowledge to go around (sort of) so if you have any questions just read the old threads and then ask away!
  by jgallaway81
Welcome to the group, you'll find many of us have personal connections to the A&A...

There are a few of us here who own stock, and several employees and past employees.

We have lots of great stories to tell if you want to listen, so pull yourself up a keyboard, pour yourself a butterbeer and enjoy the conversation :-)
  by Benjamin Maggi
Butterbeer? Never heard of it before!
  by jgallaway81
Ben, really? Its the drink of choice for the gang at Hogwarts.

  by BigIronHorse
Well my name is Jim and like almost every youngster - I had a love for trains. Some of us grow up and out of it and there are those that dont- I never did. I have ridden the A&A many times and have done so recently. My father used to take me back when I was younger in the fall every year. Have any of you guys ridden recently or will be possibly riding on the fall excursions? 1 more month left of steam!!
  by jgallaway81
I worked for the railroad from 1998 until 2002, and continued to serve as volunteer webmaster until 2007. Having ridden the train many times, I think I burned myself out for a while. Since I resigned, I've only ridden the train the trip when Extreme Makeover: Train Edition did over the handicap rail car.

Course, I am kind of spoiled... in addition to being within a hour of the East Broad Top, I am also a locomotive engineer for a class 1 railroad.

I noticed last month when I took my kids on the EBT that being a passenger doesn't hold the same allure for me as riding in the cab does.

Hopefully when my kids are old enough to truly enjoy the trip, I'll have a good time when I take them on the A&A.