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  by Alcoman
Has the A&A purchased a new locomotive yet or are they still shopping?

  by wess
is this a diesel or another steamer?

  by erievalley
The A&A will have a "hotrodded" 65 ton #112 in a few weeks. Replaced both nornally aspriated Cummings 250s (500hp) with turobo charged Cummings 350s, for a total horse power rating of 700!! 44 ton #111 will remain the back-up unit. As of last week all that was left to do on the 112 was the plumbing and testing of the front engine. As for the steam engine #18 Alco/Cooke ...????? :wink:

  by thebigham
I think the A&A has decided against purchasing a new diesel.


  by BSOR Patarak
A feeler was put out to see what kind of interest or a price could be had for the older 44 ton #111. It has been operating as a back up and was needed to double head most every train in the 2003 season. The A&A would have had lots more troubles with out her.

111 is showing her age. It still retains the Caterpillar power plants. They have had to change pistons and various seals to keep it running as a back up. A high flange was cut down to a good profile. The locomotive will require more extensive repairs to be called to more constant service.

The good news, as posted earlier, is that 112 has both rebuilt Cummins installed and up and running. This means that it can now handle most every train by itself. This will be a huge savings of fuel and labor this year for the A&A.

There has been discussion about acquiring another locomotive. Price is a consideration. I wouldn't say a different one is out of the question. But one would have to think that 111 is an important piece of their history. It has helped the struggling line to survive several times. It sure would be a shame to see it go somewhere else.

Another plan that could be investigated is upgrading the aging, more expensive, harder to find Caterpillar Blocks to newer Cummins blocks. This would "standardize" the fleet, be more fuel efficient, utilize cheaper parts, etc. Of course, then the other parts of the engine would need to be looked at as well....such as the electrical system. It is still something that needs to be investigated, to weigh the costs of upgrading and repairing versus replacing. Who knows, maybe an irresistable deal will be found.

Pat Connors

  by Aji-tater
What is the reason they have not acquired a small switcher such as an ALCO S2 or S1? They don't weight any more than the loaded grain cars A&A reportedly hauls and with ALCO owners such as LA&L BSOR GVT in the area there should be no shortage of help and parts. The price on an old ALCO switcher probably is around the same as it would cost to keep the old center cabs going.