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  by FM/CLC Fan
Too many people/deaf farmers/etc trying to beat the train left the Calgary-Edmonton line with a history and reputation of numerous grade crossing accidents. In it's final year, there were several crossing fatalities, plus one nasty accident where a teenaged railfan unlocked a switch stand and switched the northbound Dayliner into an occupied spur at close to 60 mph. The resulting accident (if memory serves me correct) killed 1, caused loss of limbs to 2 passengers, as well as an asssortment of serious physical injuries. Enough was enough, kiss that route goodbye.

You can take Greyhound north to Edmonton to catch the "Canadian" to go east or west. That's it. But Calgary didn't care (still doesn't if you ask me), they put only a token effort into protesting the removal of the "Canadian" to Edmonton.

I always felt that if BC Rail could run a successful steam excursion to Squamish and back, imagine what could be done going from Calgary to Banff could do.