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  by orangeline
Yesterday there was an announcement by the mayor that the Bulls would construct a 60,000 sq ft practice center where one of the United Center's parking lots now exists. Other developments in the immediate area were also announced including a new L station. I checked several sources but found no details regarding line and location of that new stop. My guess would be Jackson or Madison St. on the Pink Line as that is very near the UC, but I have no evidence that is the case.

Can anyone with inside information pass it along to the rest of us?
  by Chicagopcclcars
The mayor's press release mentions the "Blue line Damen Ave. station." Stop dreaming about a Pink line station. The "Damen station" is actually one of those long, long ramp stations typical of the Forest Park/ Eisenhower median design. It's actually the west ramp to the Illinois Medical District station. That station actually has three entrances, Damen, Ogden and Paulina Aves. So the mayor maybe intends to enlarge the street-level station area. For a good discussion, see L.org:

http://www.chicago-l.org/stations/medical_ctr.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

David Harrison