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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by FlashingAspect
...or at least that's what the guy I saw told me.

The physical test will most likely include:

A complete history and physical examination including ROM and MMT
- Assessment of upper extremity functional strength
- Three dimensional gait assessment
- Balance testing
- Dynamic Posture assessment
- Whole Body Strength testing
- Anything else NJT asked them to test us for.
  by jph3158
Oh. That sucks. As of now got the sleep test on 18 and results on the 20th so fingers crossed that our class isn't until early nov. If you hear anything else let me know.
  by FlashingAspect
Yea I'll let you know. The guy that verified my terburculosis test said the class starts at the end of this month or early November. I'm praying it starts December 1st or even January 1st. =)
  by FlashingAspect
How did you do on the sleep test? Have you heard anything about the physical?
  by joel091290
Hello there!

Does anyone has been called for the physical?

I got my medical examination on the beginning of October and supposedly I'm waiting for the physical as well... they are not good with updates about the process and there is not a number where I can call and get information. :/
  by FlashingAspect
I got an update that this week they are going to be making sure they have everyone's documents in order and they might send out the approval forms for background checks.

Once everyone is good they will schedule the class and we will deffinately all be going as a group to the physical. They don't want to do the physical until the class is scheduled because the physical expires.
  by Railroader11
FlashingAspect wrote:I got an update ...

How long does the background check take? Any idea of the class date?
  by FlashingAspect
Late November / early December at the earliest is my guess.

I'm speculating, so don't quote me. If they actually reach everyone in a week or two, and if it takes everyone up to a week to send back the papers to NJT...
I imagine the background check is instant they probably use a 3rd party that gives a pass/fail.
But they also going to be checking employment records so they need to reach out to the places we (use to) work confirm we work(ed) there and if we ever failed/refused to take a drug/alcohol test. Many people may have worked for places that closed offices, moved, or no longer exist. I expect that to take longer to verify. THEN they give us a date for the physical.
  by FlashingAspect
I'm probably not going to know more for another two weeks. Did you complete all the background check forms and send them back?
  by FlashingAspect
I've heard nothing. Was hoping one of you had some info...otherwise it might start looking like January soon.
  by joel091290
Yep... I was reading in different forums that the hiring process in railroads companies some times take months (2, 3 or even 6 months or more). I guess because of the holidays coming soon they don't wanna start any classes now.

Also, any idea how the hours are during training?
  by FlashingAspect
I heard the first 13 months are the best hours we are going to see for 13years.
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