• Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by shepaug
OK. Thanks for a more detailed reply.

Often if somebody is in an area and familiar with things they might think everything is obvious etc. but ----

I recall being in Tilton NH years ago taking pictures. That was the 'slide' era and guess what happened to most all pictures ? After a few decades the slides seem to dissolve into looking TERRIBLE if anything at all. No warning. Scan and poor but acceptable and in very short order TERRIBLE. I guess they reach some degree of dissolving and then do the rest FAST. Then carry bags of such around for decades ? When parents died things in their house got zapped by relations.(sisters)

Never connected ? It was 50 years ago etc.

I might be going senile (not quite) but stomp around NH 50+ years ago taking pictures and forget things ? Used to visit and stay at Grandmothers place by Lake Willoughby Vermont. Would hear the freights come through in the nights.

NH had endless lines in 'grown over status' and save for the future !!! O-a bike trail. Ever hear of a bike trail going back to a railroad ?

Maybe CTX will pick up some business on line north to Manchester. If I were a shipper would I ship via a network of Bankrupt railroads and 15 mph max ? I even recall BM in Clinton Massachusetts area it seems almost daily was a derailment !!!! (went to College in area)

No connection from the sand-pits to the north. Seems like somebody would have kept it open but---


https://www.nh.gov/nhdhr/publications/d ... ontext.pdf


https://newhampshirecentralrailroad.com ... torage.pdf

https://newhampshirecentralrailroad.com ... rvices.pdf

  by Who
shepaug wrote: Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:26 pm Quick question ? I simply wonder if the line from Manchester 'north' still connects to the old Mountain Line' from Portland to Vermont ?? (general no map lookup question) Ya know...rail connection north-south in NH)
To better connect northern NH with southern NH, and the Boston market, a more direct route was sought out in the 1870's. The state went as far as to grant a charter for a railroad to be construct through the heart of the White Mountains. It was supposed to go up the Zealand Valley, through Zealand Notch and down the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River to North Woodstock. Had the line been built, there's a chance a connection would have been built to the Maine Central, near Twin Mountain. As you can see the line was never built, nobody came forth to build it and for good reason. Zealand notch sits at around 2,200ft above sea level, Lincoln, NH is just under 1,000ft above sea level and on the other side, by the Zealand Campground, sits about 1,500ft above sea level.
When JE Henry built the Zealand Valley Railroad for his logging operation the charter was in place, therefore his logging railroad became a common carrier railroad, when JE Henry closed the Zealand operations and moved south to Lincoln, the charter had elapsed and no longer existed, so when Henry built the East Branch and Lincoln Railroad, it was not subject to common carrier status.
  by NHV 669
shepaug wrote: Wed Jan 25, 2023 10:15 am Never connected ? It was 50 years ago etc.

No connection from the sand-pits to the north. Seems like somebody would have kept it open
10, 50, or 100 years, the date is irrelevant if you keep bringing up connections that never existed, period.

If you're referring to the sand pits on the NHN, there's no reason to presently maintain the northern connection when all the loads go south. I'm not sure how low the carloads were north of the pit at the time of abandonment in 1972, but the B&M didn't feel it necessary to keep open or maintain.
  by New Haven 1
Out of curiosity, when was the last time Crane Currency got rail service on the Hillsboro Branch?
  by BandA
If Crane Currency sent out a boxcar of currency, and it was robbed, that would be The Great Train Robbery
  by shepaug
As novise as it seems I did post a thread here to get an update on NEW HAMPSHIRE as I hear little about rail activity there. (I now live in SW Connecticut) RESULT ? Some NH info.

I guess there is still rail going to Concord but for example on YOU TUBE no videos on NEW HAMPSHIRE.(vs. other places)

I was up there long ago taking pictures using 'slide format' and I guess they de-compose after a certain time as I took some out and so bad terrible terrible worthless. Took some out a couple years ago and still something there not too bad but-----

Got some of rails being removed on the Clarement and Concord. Don't remember year they took up the tracks going out of Clarement ? (or east of there)

My memory is still good but remember exact shots of decades ago if not labeled at the time ? Rail in the woods look all the same without some ID mark in a pucture. Slides tried to turn digital with some $300 scanner but even then not good way. Buy another scanner for a few slides ?
  by MRY
New Haven 1 wrote: Sat Jun 17, 2023 6:45 pm Out of curiosity, when was the last time Crane Currency got rail service on the Hillsboro Branch?
Did they ever? They make plastic security tapes there since 1980 if what I've read is correct, not paper currency - which BTW seems to be going out of style (been to Canada since 2011?). Doesn't seem like a bulk plastic pellet kind of place to me.
  by copcars
I believe Crane makes the actual paper for currency at their plant in Dalton,ma outside of Pittsfield.It might be on the B and A main line.I am sure they would ship the currency paper to DC to be printed in an armored car type vehicle under guards.
  by New Haven 1
Thanks for all replies regarding Crane. I only asked as there is a spur off the Hillsboro branch that at least on the Google maps to be in fair shape.

Maybe whoever was there before Crane had rail service.
  by Feynman
A Quick search suggests that site was originally celluplastics, then Owens Brockway plastics. Sounds like a firm that might have gotten service.