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  by Nasadowsk
Ok, I'm curious now. What's the 'book values' on wire height on this line? I'm guessing they don't go as low as they do out here, but do they go higher?

(Heck, can they clear a doublestack? :) (Actually, I've seen pics of doublestacks under wires in the northeast, and my sources tell me it's a non issue to begin with..)

  by Scotty Burkhardt
Double stacks can't run on the IC past 94th street. Norfolk Southern has trackage rights on the IC and runs Auto Stacks. There are 3 areas where clearance becomes a problem. 94th(NS/BRC) 79(NPR/PRR**) and 28-23rd where the IC crosses over the Electric under McCormick Place. The Auto Stacks are fairly new to the IC. At 118th (the bridge under the Union Pacific) one of the mainline tracks dips several feet to clear the bridge.


  by Tadman
I saw em today!
Driving south on Lakeshore at 18th street MU shed.

I got psyched up and rode the rave down to downtown to try a close up at evening rush. BAD IDEA. Not a dang thing. I tried to look up there frequency that was posted here at RR.net, but it was down. Shoot.

Tomorrow I will win...

  by JLJ061
Tadman wrote:I tried to look up there frequency that was posted here at RR.net, but it was down. Shoot.
The freq for Metra Electric is 161.025.

  by Tadman
Actually I meant the service frequency - I've never had a scanner in over 20 years of following trains.


I parked at the hospital at 31st overpass, and they're fast, and clean, and shiny... I think so we don't shock the regular customers maybe it's a good idea to airbrush some rust bubbles or stains on the paintwork. Also maybe take a ball bat to the relay on the bell, like 1559 has - it chimes 4 times faster than the usual highliners.

  by PRRGuy
Hello all,
I was riding the head-end of NICTD 907 today and I noticed we passed two separate 4 car trains of the new cars. How many are in service already and what trains are they usually on?

  by metra 613
AS fas as i know there have 1201 to 1208. 4cars are on one train and the otheres are used for testing and stuff thats what i was told so who knows.

  by PRRGuy
We passed one train near 27th? st..the station that had the old/new car accident near the hospital. The other train was near 51st St. Both were northbound as we were southbound. I notice we've been passing them both everyday all week now.

  by metra 613
Well Just got a call there up to 1212 now

  by metra 613
Ok Guys 1201,02,03 and 04 are on the up line 1209,10,11,12 are on the sc. So maybe 1205,06,07 and 08 are on the bi line.An someone told me there are now up to 1214.

  by Tadman
Any idea what the scheduled runs are? Especially BI or SC?

  by metraRI
1205, 1206, 1207, & 1208 were sitting in University Park Yard today, only new cars there.

  by RMadisonWI
I don't know much about locations, and just rode the University Park line for the first time yesterday.

I saw car 1216 sitting at some shop just south of Kensington.

  by Tadman
somewhere between 2 and 3pm, I saw a set cruising north near the MU shed. Likely the 3:35 train deadheading north to Randolph.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
That would be KYD yard. All Metra coach rebuilds are done at that shop.
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