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  by AMTK84
Thought I'd get a discussion going on the new control and coach cars from Sumitomo.

One thing I wonder:

Why don't they have the new 6000's on the MiLW Lines to match the 8500's and the 7400's to match the 8400's on UP?

  by MikeF
Just a guess, but I would suspect it's because the Milwaukee already has newer trailers, while the North Western has older trailers that are due for retirement. To place the 6000's on the Milwaukee and move the Milwaukee's 7400's to the North Western would be a lot of switching just for aesthetics.

  by AMTK84

But with the way Metra is about 211 I wouldn't be surprised.

Personally I hate the uncomfortable seets in the 7400's and want them off MILW tracks as soon as possable.

  by metraRI
The 7400's are not going to be taken off of MILW. The only thing that MILW is getting are new 8500 cab cars. Last week RI had 8511 and 8530.

  by BN7151
The 7400s are not my favorite cars either. If Budd was still in business I would ask Metra to go to them for replicas of the old CB&Q cars (with many major modifications), but I guess (is it Nippon Sharyo or Sumitomo?) can do a good job. After seeing a few 8500s, I wonder if there will be 7500s.
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  by MikeF
BN7151 wrote:After seeing a few 8500s, I wonder if there will be 7500s.
There are -- they're just numbered in the 6000 series.

  by AMTK84
Why didn't they number them as 7500's?

  by bones
1st- CNW needs about 200 trailers, and there are only 98 7400's so they won't go to the CNW.

2nd - They are replacing about 30 origanal CB&Q trailers on the B.N. Right now the B.N. has #7400 - 7423. It wouldn't surprise me if they send 7424 - 7453 to the B.N. off of the MILW, and then give the MILW 30 6000's.

3rd - The reason the trailers were numbered in the 6000's is because they're getting over 200. If they put them in the 7500's it would look like this:
7501 - 7710.
They can't use the 7600 series because that series was owned by the CNW St. Louis, and early Pullman cars. And the 7700 series is still occupied. Even though they 7600's have been gone for 8 years now, they can't use that series until they've been gone for about 10 years. it has to do with the way thier computers are set up. Even though they're gone, the computer thinks they're still there until they've been gone for 10 years.

Which explains why the MP36's are in the 400 series, and not the 300 series. Remember F7's #305, and #308. They've only been gone for about 4 years now. Otherwise the MP36's would be numbered #301-327.

  by metraRI
Out of the cars Metra currently has in service, what cars are in the best shape? (Excluding all ADA cars)

  by bones
Either the cars purchased by the RTA (trailers 7284-7381, control cars 8239-8275), or the Rock Island / Milwaukee Road trailers which have been recently rebuilt.

  by AMTK84
Thenwhy didn't the cabcars getthe 50XX numbering?

How many 8400'swere built and how many 8500's are going tobe built?

  by metraRI
The 8400's go from 8400-8478, the 8500's should go from 8501-8608.

How come Metra is starting everything with 01 instead of 00 like they did with the last order of cars?

  by bones
Don't know why they start with '01'. Alot of railroads have done it in the past.

Example with the CNW:

C628: 6701-6730
SD40-2: 6801-6953
SD45: 901-975
SD60: 8001-8055

  by metraRI
I know other railroads have started with 01, but Metra has usually started with 00 in the past. So I was just curious why this time was different.

  by bones
I'm quite sure that if I inquired about it, I wouldn't get a logical answer.
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