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  by Jeff Smith
I searched the forum, but found nothing on this incident from last year, surprisingly.

New Canaan Advertiser

Brief, fair-use:
Metro North adds rule after last year’s ‘undesirable train routing’

In response to the incident last June when two trains were traveling in opposite directions on the single track just outside of the New Canaan station, Metro-North railroad implemented an additional rule mandating that prior to a train’s departure from the New Canaan station, the conductor must contact the Rail Traffic Controller to verify that there are no incoming trains.
On Monday, June 29, the 6:20 a.m. train departing New Canaan had to stop just south of the station before getting to the Richmond Hill crossing, because another train was approaching in the opposite direction on the same tracks. Both trains stopped safely, and the New Canaan departure reversed back into the station area, so that the northbound train could be switched to a separate track and pass safely.

The next day Metro-North issued this statement: “Our investigation confirmed that both trains were occupying Track 1, and there was no switch involved. Both Engineers complied with our Operating Rules that ensured safety during this event. This is an undesirable train routing conflict, and we are reviewing if any improvements can be made.”
  by DutchRailnut
cause it really was not incident, the track from station up to first signal at CP307 ( just north of Richmond hill road) is non-signaled yard track.
Restricted speed rules apply, but in effort to pacify the media, MN made a rule.