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  by NormanR
For a photo project I am working on, can anyone tell me when the tracks which passed the area of Suydam, Seaman, and Handy St. area (and near Richardson Engineering Co.) were elevated and the walkway on iron bridge was dismantled? I have photos from early 1970s and it hadn't happened yet. Thanks for any information.

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  by Jeff Smith
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  by TAMR213
I'm a bit confused by your question? I'm 99% sure the Northeast Corridor in the area of Handy Street was elevated during the track elevation project the Pennsy undertook in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in conjunction with the building of the Raritan River Bridge. In addition, elevation continued only as far south as Baldwin street where there used to be a small yard.

As to the second part of your question, are you referring to the former pedestrian overpass structure at Sanford Street? It still appears on aerial photographs in 2008, but no longer in photos from 2010 - and had been there since at least the early 1940's.

If you've never been there, I highly suggest the website historicaerials.com
  by TAMR213
I believe the location you have for your photo is wrong. I believe your photo was taken further south near Sandford street, possibly in Joyce Kilmer Park. It definitely not on Seaman Street. I believe the building visible in the right background is what is now the New Brunswick Adult Learning Center at 268 Baldwin street, and the cars visible on the other side of the tracks are in the former Baldwin Street Yard. As I said, the tracks were elevated in the early 20th century. Hope this helps.
  by NormanR
Thanks Erik. You are correct. I have mixed up Seaman and Sandford Streets. Appreciate the help.