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  by joesbag
Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving greetings Ben. I trust everyone stuffed themselves like they were supposed to. Both the Bills and the Sabres had good weekends.

Yes that is what I'm doing as well; waiting, as the new book is on my list.
  by thebigham
BSOR Patarak wrote:As James stated, this is a classic book like all the others that Arcadia publishes. It is mainly a picture book with little "new" facts in it. It is a brief overview of the A&A history. Due to the lack of space for lengthy text, it is only an overview of what was covered in the Lewis Book. It briefly touches on important dates of earlier railroad companies, but covers mainly the A&A itself. (This is one problem I have with all Arcadia books is the lack of text content, but they are intended to be more of a picture story of historic things. I know...pictures are worth a thousand words, so if the quality of the pictures is good enough, then it appeals to many people.)

I don't think you will be disappointed in the picture content. There are many unpublished photos that cover early history right up to today. For the excursion fans, Ken Springrith has been chasing the A&A since 1962. He has great pictures of early excursions, including several pages on Loco #14 alone! There are a few timetables from early operations, including the TV&C, A&A, PRR and Erie. There is only one map showing the current configuration of the A&A. A few of the pictures were printed a little dark in my early copy. There are over 200 views and there should be something to please everyone.

This book does cover the current story of the A&A, including return to steam, the Extreme Makeover exposure, The Friends Display and even the "secret" freight run at the end of last season!

Unfortunately, with 18 awaiting repairs, we can't sneak another freight special in this season....
Pat gives a good review of the book here.

I bought my copy at the A&A station last week.

In my copy, many of the pictures were printed a little dark.

I just wish more narrow gauge pics made the book, but they are hard to come by.