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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by jgallaway81
As everyone knows, new power for the railroad has been talked about for
the last... ten/fifteen years or more.

An idea that was discussed and discarded due to practical cost
considerations was that of converting one of the centercabs into a slug.

While it was decided not to investigate this idea further then our initial
ngineering contacts, I decided that this would make for an awesome
kitbashing project for my model railroad once my current liquid hydrogen
turbine is done.

When I conjur an idea, I usually try to draw it out to see if it would look
good, and now for your A&A amusement, i present the first engineering
sample of a D2-44CC and S-44-B. This represents a DASH-2 modular
electronics - 44ton Center Cab and a Slug-44tons-Booster, ie no cab.


  by Benjamin Maggi
I have never heard of doing that before. I must say, it looks a bit more striking to see it as pictured then to try and imagine it in my head. Very nice indeed!