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  by Otto Vondrak
I'm working on a short write-up on the ACMU's, and I need some background information. I know we discussed it on the old board, but if someone could please provide details about the ACMU order, builders, dates, renumbering, repainting... or at least show me where I could get the info, I would appreciate it.

If anyone has any vintage slides of ACMU's working for NYC, PC, or CR/MTA, I would certainly compensate you for usage.

Thanks in advance,


  by DutchRailnut
from :

Now onto the 1100s. The 1100s were built for the NYC in 2 orders, and were built as the 4600 and 4700 series. The first 53 were built in 1962, when public subsidization of the NYC's 2 (out of originally 4, the Putnam and River Division's both had commuter service, the "Put" discontinued in '58, the River Division commuter service dropped in '59). A total of 26 of these new MU's were bought by the NYC, built by Pullman-Standard. They wore the same NYC colors as the 4500s. the other 27 were also built in 1962, also by P-S, had the exact same design, wore the exact same colors, but were owned by the Port of New York Authority and leased to the NYC. To distinguish ownership, the 26 ones owned by the NYC were placed in the 4600 series, and the Port Authority owned ones were placed in the 4700 series. These cars had narrower, not as high, but just as long windows, as the 4500s. Another difference was the double, rather than single headlight at each end of the cars. Each of the 2 lights was smaller than the single ones on the 4500s, but apparently provided better light.

Then, in 1965 the Port Authority of NY bought 34 more MU's from Pullman-Standard, and also placed them in the 4700 series. The difference between the '65 and '62 cars is that the '62 ones had the windows higher up on the sides of the cars, while the '65 one have them more towards the center of the sides of the car. When PC got these 4600s and 4700s, they were still rather new, and had not seen much misuse. All of them were placed in the 1100 series - 4600s and 4700s all together - and still run for the MTA Metro-North Railroad as the 1100s till this day and have been rebuilt in 1985, and are extremely well maintained. (Webmaster's note: As of 1999, Metro-North Railroad plans to retire the 61 remaining 1100 series MU cars.)

and here are my own note's

In 1983 about 34 cars were rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen and equipped with Cabsignal/atc/ intercom/pa and new radio's the other 34 or so cars were rebuilt inhouse as B cars with no cabsignal or atc. these cars could only run in midle of a train.

and a few were retired in 1983 and scrapped. out of the original 87 ACMU's MNCR had title to 68 cars.

in about 1988 all remaining cars were converted from R.12 freon to R.14 freon due to EPA regulations, my question was never ansered why a straight conversion to R.134 was not more logical.

GE in 1989 rebuilt 2 cars(1164/1183) with AC traction to demonstate its possibilities and to warm up to contract of possible M5's. after the DEMO the cars kept their AC proppulsion for a few years but mncr decided to take the Traction motors out and run these two as unpowered cars on headend of trains. This made for lousy trains were it looked like you had 6 ACMU's but at least two off them guaranteed dead. only way to recognize these cars was to look at areain cab near windshielwiper were a Load indicator was located.
I worked these two cars as Special Duty Roadforeman during the testing and the cars perforemed incredably well, Mof E did not like these cars to much as some of self fixing electronics totaly baffeled them.

Some of specs for original equipment:
weight : 115,300 pounds
4 Traction motors GE 1240
Horse power 400
seating capacity 130 seats

  by Otto Vondrak
More good info. Thanks!