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  by Jeff Smith
Republican American

The full article is behind a paywall; this is a very brief quote:
New Naugatuck train stop round the bend

NAUGATUCK — A plan to move the Metro-North train platform to enhance economic development downtown appears to be inching closer to reality.

Up to $35 million is expected to be allocated for the project as part of a larger plan by the state Department of Transportation to improve the Waterbury Branch of Metro-North Railroad, borough officials said.
Naugatuck wants to move the platform from its current location at 195 Water St. to the site of a proposed mixed-use development project on the opposite side of the Whittemore Memorial Bridge on Maple Street.
  by DutchRailnut
are they moving it to better neighbourhood ?
  by F-line to Dudley via Park
I would assume that means next to this to-be-redeveloped parking lot on the other side of Maple from the current station: https://goo.gl/maps/2mPeNLvX1is" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;. Not much difference at all...2 blocks, 1000 ft. away give or take.

I don't get the appeal; it's functionally the same place. Is crossing Maple St. really the make-or-break difference between hitting a TOD home run and not???
  by DutchRailnut
looks like straight rail so a high level platform could be in making ??
  by J.D. Lang

Is the 35 million for just building a platform a little south of the existing stop or is it for the whole Waterbury branch. I certainly hope that the money is for the latter and not just for a platform.

John L.
  by Steamboat Willie
Building a high level platform at Naugatuck would definitely help alleviate station dwell time at the second busiest station on the branch.
  by RearOfSignal
DutchRailnut wrote:looks like straight rail so a high level platform could be in making ??
I would hope so, $35,000,000 for a slab of concrete thrown on the ground would be insane.
  by DutchRailnut
35 million is for entire branch plus parking area improvements.
  by runningwithscalpels
DutchRailnut wrote:are they moving it to better neighbourhood ?
Absolutely zero difference in quality of surroundings...about all the move would do is make it easier to get a sandwich from Nardelli's before getting on the train.

The approximate area they want to move the station to is not level to any parking...I would imagine this new "station" would have to be ADA compliant...and I'm not sure you can get away with a ramp like Waterbury with how high the tracks are there...and I would imagine installing an elevator isn't exactly cost-effective, ESPECIALLY on the branch.

While the glorified bus shelter we have now leaves much to be desired, this seems wholly unnecessary...even if they are putting a restaurant in the old station building...parking might be a bit tight, but certainly not overwhelming. On a good day, the station's lot is 2/3 full on the left half where the platform is. On the right-hand side there's never a single car one except for when the local constabulary decides to congregate for a chat. There is plenty of parking in the surrounding area that if lot capacity ever became an issue there are equally suitable alternatives to park that are still free.

I think they should keep the platform where it is. Make it high-level with a ramp like Waterbury, and you're done. Moving the station seems like a big fat waste of money, and if the Borough of Naugatuck wants it moved, then CDOT should figure out the difference in cost between building a high level where the current platform is and where they want it moved to and make them cough up for the difference.

/end resident rant
  by DutchRailnut
you can't really put high level in curve and the S curve at current station would be in that problem group.
  by YamaOfParadise
Wouldn't be surprised if it's to (re)develop that vacant lot adjacent that the Borough owns. Or just try to lure more people in with more visible and abundant parking, with a shiny new station. Dutch's point about it not being on a curve is probably the most simple and direct answer, though. Not the first or last time stations in the area will get moved slightly to be able to get favorable geometry for high platforms.
  by Jeff Smith
Any clearance issues with high level platforms with the otherwise infrequent PAS freights?
  by DutchRailnut
each freight car is narrower than a passenger car and any freight unless it is on low floor car and wider than car should have no problem passing a platform.
I am not aware of any oversized loads on waterbury since bridge parts were moved for bridge near Devon.
even the cable spools do not protrude outside car.
  by F-line to Dudley via Park
Jeff Smith wrote:Any clearance issues with high level platforms with the otherwise infrequent PAS freights?
No. PAS accesses via the Springfield Line, which is a non-clearance route; so the Highland + Waterbury down to Derby Jct. have no clearance exemption.

The only territory in CT that has wide exemption legalese are:
-- Maybrook Line (i.e. if the New Milford extension envisions a North Danbury stop, ND would have to be single side platform w/ passing track). Danbury Branch extension study briefly mentions clearances.

-- Berkshire Line (i.e. Brookfield, New Milford would be single side platforms w/ passing tracks).

-- Waterbury Branch, Devon to Derby Jct. (n/a; no stops). If a permanent Devon station gets built it would probably have to go on the west leg of the wye instead of the east leg like the recent temp station...but west is the CDOT-preferred spot since the Central CT studies briefly mentions run-thru service potential to Bridgeport and points west. Whether that happens or not I'm sure station siting is going to take into account future considerations.

-- New Haven Line, Cedar Hill to Devon (all intermediate stops have passing tracks, NHV has the yard). I *think* whatever legacy exemption NYNH&H/PC/Conrail used is still on the books, but don't quote me on that. Probably been decades since P&W actually carried a wide load through here, since past Cedar Hill they're limited to only the Air/Valley Lines for wides.

-- P&W and NECR mainlines + Willimantic Branch (n/a...flimsy Central Corridor Study aside, these aren't anyone's 25-year priorities)
  by Scalziand
Let me try to clear a couple things up.

First, here's an unpaywalled version of the article:
http://www.mycitizensnews.com/news/2016 ... -platform/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Second, here's a diagram of the plan from the NVision 2020 conference in January:
http://i.imgur.com/jkja1uj.jpg?1" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
http://nvcogct.org/sites/default/files/ ... ussion.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

It looks to include 2 new high level platforms(for one of the future passing sidings), and a kiss/ride drop off loop.
The line is on an embankment at the location of the new proposed spot.

The old station building was sold to a developer that wants to renovate it into a restaurant, which may be part of the reason the platform(s) are to be relocated, in addition to geometry issues.
DutchRailnut wrote:35 million is for entire branch plus parking area improvements.
Looks to be just for the Naugatuck Station, according to the MCN article. It's more reasonable if it actually includes a passing siding and second platform.
F-line wrote:Is crossing Maple St. really the make-or-break difference between hitting a TOD home run and not???
Probably not, but I will note that there is currently no sidewalk on the station side of Water Street, making walking along there an unpleasant experience, especially since cars turning onto Water (without a stop sign) from the bridge effectively go around a blind corner thanks to the abutment for the rail bridge.