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  • General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.
General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.

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  by superbad
yes it was done the availability of the line. and wait 10 years and see that the suburbs will build around this line.. nashville is and has been exploding like atlanta did in the 80's-2000's for years..the only difference is nashville is doing something to accomidate the growth.
  by GWoodle
neroden wrote:
superbad wrote:I am certain that the Star will see ridership grow as the nashville regions population continues to explode
But does it go to the right suburbs?

It always seemed to be one of the more questionable commuter rail lines in the country to me, seeming to have been chosen based on the availability of track rather than on the need for service. But perhaps some locals can share more information on the demographic geography of Nashville.
This may repeat a lot of info going back to the first posts on this line. Some basic information may have been lost in the changeover from RTA to MTA management. The NERR is an odd shortline kept busy by some online freight customers via state funds. Rebuilding the old 40mph freight lines to allow 60mph passenger service cost 1Mil per mile. Getting 3 ex-Amtrak F40's & some gallery cars from Metra was cheap. You get what you pay for. It is a fun ride. Y'all welcome to visit Nashville & ride our little train.

The real push will come someday when I-65 running North & south & I-24 running SE become too congested. Now we are talking about passenger service on busy L&N/CSX rails. The rail lines seem to be in good shape but may need signal improvements to allow 60mph passenger operation. Some lines will also need track to be built to allow commuter trains to stop while freights pass by. With no HSR or Amtrak money & service, that day will be far into the future.
  by GWoodle
Friday, March 05, 2010
TN: $7.7 Million (ARRA Grant)
• Tennessee DOT: $3.2 million to purchase 23 intercity buses; ADA enhancements for vehicles, a ramp, a bathroom; preventative maintenance; three intercity support vehicles; bus station support items; security/surveillance equipment computers; and ITS equipment.
• Regional Transportation Authority: $1.9 million to construct the Martha Station and for operating assistance.
• The Metropolitan Transit Authority: $2.6 million for facility rehabilitation.

Nice to see RTA/MCS to get some $1.9M for the Martha Station & operating assistance. Should help plug some budget holes. Not sure what $2.6M buys in facility rehab.
New MTA free downtown service could be good news.
  by jtbell
I finally had a chance to visit Nashville early this month, on the way home to South Carolina at the end of a road trip out west. I added two clicks to the ridership count for June (Lebanon to Riverfront and back in the morning), and got a few pictures:


I missed some photo-ops while driving around because of my ineptness in chasing "real trains" instead of streetcars or light rail, and my unfamiliarity with the territory. Next time I come, I'll do better.

Back in this thread a ways, there were a couple of posts wondering about transit-oriented development along the line. I suspect that may be in Mt. Juliet. There's a vacant plot between the station and route 171 which crosses the line nearby, that seemed to show signs of imminent construction of some kind. And there's already commercial activity along 171 which would provide something to walk to. Mt. Juliet would have been a nice place for a photo, with the shops next to the tracks, but the timing just didn't work out for me.
  by superbad
I know their are plans for mixed use at lebanon, but it is probably on the back burner due to the real-estate bust.
  by ne plus ultra
GWoodle wrote:http://www.tennessean.com/article/20101 ... 41-percent

Ridership continues to grow 41% over 2 years

Ridership grows to 866 trips per day

some days last month over 1,000 trips (500 riders/day)
Oh, c'mon. Upthread, I reported the Oct. 2008 numbers - 850/day. I know you're only repeating what was in the paper, but you should know better. And I can't believe the Tennesseean printed that. Couldn't they read their own archive. Sheesh.
  by GWoodle
http://www.tennessean.com/article/20101 ... -City-Star

Tennessean repeats the same article with a picture of the Mayors riding the train. Repeats same info from earlier article. No wonder the MCS struggles for local support & ridership. This leaves the MCS open to critics that don't like the money spent on the project.

All the ridership data is from the current management with METRO bus operations.

Republicans are firmly in control of TN. Governor, both Senators, 7 of 9 Congress + firm control of both State Senate & State House.
  by GWoodle
Music City Star ridership increases, sets 1-day record

Ridership on the Music City Star hit a record 1,060 commuter passenger trips on Jan. 4, according to the Regional Transportation Authority.

During November, daily ridership on the train increased almost 14 percent from 718 trips per day in 2009 to 816 passenger trips per day in 2010.

From a RTA news release

A little good news
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