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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by scoonie79
I also had concerns about the hiring process. Im just wondering what my chances of getting hired as a conductor. Im hearing things on here about hiring mostly minorities and military people which im neither. Also i do have over 13 years of work experience but not really with things like heavy machinery or outdoor work. Mostly retail work with about a year of warehouse work at Walgreens distribution center. Everything else is good with me as far as having a good driving record and no criminal history. I also will have no problem passing the physical abilities test or medical exam and drug test. Ive already passed the writing test. Just wondered if that with being a NARS graduated with a 93% on my final exam should be good enough to be given a chance.
  by scoonie79
I was wondering if anyone knew if a coach cleaner was a job worth trying for. Its with bnsf up in chicago. Does anyone know if you have to live close to there or would they hire you if you lived like 5 hours away but was willing to relocate there. What type of credentials would you have to have? Also do you have to already work for bnsf to be considered?
  by onemanshow

I'm looking into changing crafts from conductor to a signal maintainer. Is NARS worth the time and trouble? I'm not getting a lot of bites from my current employer (who has me furloughed right now). Thanks;
  by chemin-de-fer
RailAmerica is hiring signal maintainers in Texas and Illinois.
  by FinalDestination
Im am attending the NARS Conductor class starting on the 17th... Im just wondering what the students life is like for the duration of the class. I am thinking about looking for a temporary job to help pay for food and things, any suggestions? As far as nights and weekends go, how much down time is there? I dont want to get down there and have nothing to do but whatch TV in the hotel room all weekend lol... any info/stories will help me with what to expect when I get down there!

  by gp80mac
I hope you aren't paying to attend that school...
  by FinalDestination
Just did, thanks for the advice...
  by FinalDestination
  by gp80mac
FinalDestination wrote:buff..
Damn straight. Also a buff that hired directly on with a railroad and got paid to train.
  by HoggerKen
Paid to train, no schooling needed. Gotta love it.
  by COEN77
It's difficult to believe these schools are still operating. Another ploy to take peoples money in a down economy with visions of grandeur that they'll get a rail job. Apparently this person didn't get on this site before hand to read about NARS or the other schools that ended up a scam seeing the railroads took over the training process. The only buff is the fool who paid the tuition.
  by FinalDestination
The main reason the ex students of these schools are so biased against such a program is because they dont get jobs afterwards as a result of the economy. They pay the money, get the training, and then are left out in the dust with no job. Ive done a little research on other forums dating back a few years (2000-2004) and found that 50% or more of the students/forum members went on to railroad jobs immediatley after and overall gave positive feedback. Then the negativity towards these schools grew more and more as the years grew closer to today. Any forum dating 2008-2009 was a complete bash against any railroad training classes but specificaly targeting NARS. Fault of there own these people payed for their job training, interviews and opportunities with BNSF as the company started laying off their employees by the thousands! NO, NARS should not have held these classes during the recession nor offerd these people interviews as they meant nothing. I do beleive its is a case of false advertising there. But as the economy may be turning the other way, and I remain unemployed, this may be a good opportunity for me and this school as the job rate and the railroad industry may soon pick back up.

Id say 70% of all forums dating within the past few years were posted by railbuffs despirate to get into the rail industry as freight traffic grew weeker and weeker. They should have looked at the bigger picture and saved their money then. From what Ive been told, this class starting tomorrow is a small group and should get far much more done with thier time. In my mind any student will get more out of their education in a smaller group then with a chaotic group of fifty.

You people shouldnt be so negative towards any educational training right now. I bet I wouldnt get a job managing a paper comapany after succesfully graduating a 6th week buisiness coarse ither. its just been a rough few years for everyone.
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