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  by dinwitty
needs cosmetic pantographs....

/me runs away fast

  by Tadman
If someone breaks into your house, and those are missing, it wasn't me...

Those are pretty nice. One of these days when I get some scratch, I'm going to acquire a similar fleet. When I was a kid, I remember seeing a painted brass model of an 800 at an antique store in LaPorte, IN. It was $200 or more back in the day, I can only imagine what it would cost now.

But seriously, the collection rocks. I'd suggest a ATSF/CSS caboose next, I always loved seeing the ATSF cabooses go down 11th street when I was a kid. In 6th grade art class, I made a clay model of one. Some day I'll post a pic of it, my mom still has it on display at my parents' house.

  by PRRGuy
Somewhere around here I have a half done ATSF/CSS Caboose I started. I've since moved into an apartment so most things are still boxed up. Also, I've got another Ballast Hopper too....somewhere.