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  by atsf sp
Don't now exactly where but a red MUNI PCC hit a SUV with 8 people injured.
  by Otto Vondrak
The MUNI vintage system got dealt another blow...

There was an accident on the F-line during rush hour tonight. Here's the Chronicle write-up. According to a witness who contacted us directly, PCC No. 1007 had unloaded passengers outbound at Market and Noe and was waiting to make the turn on to Noe, en route to the Castro terminal. A small SUV sat behind No. 1007 in the left hand turn lane. Behind the SUV, Milan No. 1893, which rammed into the SUV, pushing it into the No. 1007. The witness we talked with says the operator of No. 1893 was talking to a passenger at the time of the collision. Indications are six people were hurt, including the operator of 1893. None of the injuries is said to be serious.
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