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  by Stephen
Has Muni disposed of all of its Boeing LRVs? If so, were they all scrapped or were they sold?

  by tp49
The simple answer is yes Muni did dispose of all their Boeing LRV's as to what happened beyond that I am not sure.

  by westernrrtx
There is one at the Western Railway Museum, Rio Vista Jct. CA.

  by Phil Hom
I read 13 plus cars were sold to a city/operator in the United Kingdom. :D

  by Stephen

  by queenlnr8
There is a Boeing LRV sitting, more like rotting, in the small yeard behind Safeway on market near the Castro. The portal is there as well.

  by MBTA1
I'm from Boston and have a question about your Boeings. I understand that they are no more but how did the center doors work, was the doorway always platform level or did they go up and down when either in the tunnel or out of the tunnel? Any info is helpful and thank you.

  by tp49
IIRC and it's been a while since I rode in a Boeing but I believe the center door had stairs that raised or lowered depending upon street level or platform boarding.

  by ctaman34
the muni is 100% breda lrv

  by pdxstreetcar
The Oregon Electric Railway Museum acquired a Boeing LRV in 2000. I think it has trolley poles in addition to the pantograph.

I saw an old Boeing LRV in a Richmond, CA scrap yard a few years ago while on the Capitol Corridor train.

  by Flxiblemetro
:-) Hey everyone,

I have seen and took a picture of a Boeing LRV numbered 1320 at Muni Metro's light rail maintenance/yard facility at San Jose and Geneva next to Balboa Park BART Station.

Email me if you wanna see it.

Arthur Thomas

  by queenlnr8
It is really not hard to see a Boeing.

There is one rotting at the Mint (Duboce) Yard on Market Street all the time.