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  by StevieC48
I will say this Seashore Trolley Museum now has 3424 which had been modified with new roof a/c 's and folding doors. So it's not an original. There are 3 LRV's left in Boston 3417 original condition just modified for wrecker service. 3448 is modified for track geometry car and 3453 which has only 4 of its original doors 2 were removed and covered up. The only unique thing is that was interesting is that the MUNI LRV had windows that opened, which Boston didn't have any. Also from 1280 and higher # cars were originally Boston LRV's with mods to the center door platforms.
  by Disney Guy
The steps in the center doorways of the MUNI Boeings and also all doorways of the MUNI Bredas consist of two floor panels, one of which drops about 10 inches and the other which drops about 20 inches to form the stepwell.

Originally on the Boeings the "left" side doors could not be opened while the steps were down (MUNI's older single ended cars did not have left side doors). In later years this made for some inconvenience; there were some island high platforms on the surface alternating with (right side) street level stops requiring that the steps (on the right side) be raised when serving those island platforms. (In addition the steps on the "left" side could not be lowered.)