Discussion of the past and present operations of the Long Island Rail Road.

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  by RGlueck
During either 1969 or 70, I took this photo, actually three negatives, of the rarest of MP54's in the center of a line of MP54's sitting on death row. Thanks to Rudy Garbely for stitching the three together into a single image. This was somewhere near Nassau Community College. There were about thirty cars in all manner of destruction at the time. I assume the next stop was Corona and that would be the finish.

This car appears to be MBM62c 4209 (ACF, 8/1910). It started out as MB62 1309. It was withdrawn from service 6/18/1965.

  by ConstanceR46
One wonders how it stuck around for 4 more years - MOW/MOE usage?
  by R36 Combine Coach
If near Nassau Community College, should be the Mitchell Spur (where Ringling Bros. would layover).

6/18/65 would be end of RPO service at LIRR.
  by RGlueck
I believe there are photos of the old girl sitting alone at Morris Park, maybe for use as a shop switcher. She certainly dodged the grim reaper longer than one might have guessed. I wonder what her interior was like?
  by ConstanceR46
Hadn't even considered that.
  by Kelly&Kelly
Sliding door bulkhead at two-thirds of car, with one-third open baggage area. RPO section had countertop with pigeon-holes and baggage racks above. Thick gray paint on everything with a pine plank floor.
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  by nyandw

Beginning in 1921, RPO clerks were required to carry revolvers, surplus WWI Army Colt 45s. Due to their size and weight, it was not necessary that the revolvers be worn by the clerks, but they had to keep them handy should they be needed. These guns were replaced in the 1930s by the Post Office Department's snub nosed 38s. Because these guns were of a smaller size and of lighter weight, clerks were required to wear them at all times while on duty
Info: Clarence R. Wilking

Here’s a view of mail handlers inside a LIRR RPO car taken on June 18, 1965, the last day mail was carried on the LIRR. You’ll see the POD employee at the left is wearing his sidearm while on duty. The holsters were leather with “Property of U. S. Post Office Dept.” stamped into the side. (Photographer unidentified)
  by RGlueck
Check out the Barringer Library collection from ACF. Very old but wonderful images of LIRR P54's and MP54's as built. One great shot of this RPO interior!