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  by AmtrakFan
The BN has had it's fair share of HEP problems with the MP36's the crews don't care for them.

  by metraRI
Can we please try to keep our MP36 complaints in a single thread....every thread does not need the same statement repeated over and over. Posting HEP problems un-related to 411 in this thread is off topic when there is all ready a "MP bashing" topic.

Something to keep in mind for future posts....

  by MikeF
Please note the discussion about F40C retirements has been moved to a new thread, F40C retirement dates.

  by AMTK84
411 was in the shop Friday account someone threw something at the windshield and effectively broke 2 out of the 4 sections of the windshield. 411 was the protect unit on Wednesday, went out on 2123 Thursday so it must've happened over night Thursday or on the run in Friday.

  by Amtrak31
AMTK84 wrote:someone threw something at the windshield and effectively broke 2 out of the 4 sections of the windshield.
Punks that have nothing better to do so they decide to deface private property. I was out on MILW Saturday hoping to see it, but no luck. Does anyone have an estimate when it will be on RI?

  by bones
I did find out that 411 will eventually go to the Rock once they figure out what's wrong with it.

  by AMTK84
I stand corrected. A friend ran 411 both Wednesday and Thursday nights, along with the top diesel house guy; he said that the reason the 2 were dubbleheaded was not 411 but 419 kept showing ground relay faults for no reason; he reported that 411 had no problems what so ever.. Like I told one of our regular contributers, all bets are off as to locomotive assignments when expanded service starts; it wouldn't surprise me if they moved a heck of a lot of stuff around.

  by AmtrakFan
Anyword if it ever will return to the RI?

  by Amtrak31
Not sure. It's on MILW for now. Never know what will happen.
  by meh
Earlier tonight I saw 411 eastbound pushing Metra 2158(29Sep). Then just a little while ago, I heard the C&M dispatcher calling train 2155 and asking if they were running late due to being a double train. That sounded interesting, so I quickly walked down to the station.

What pulled in was a coupled 2153/2155(29Sep) with 2155 pushing 2153, which had apparently broken down enroute. The combined train had 426 in the lead (headlights on but engine at idle), several dark coaches (I forgot to count them), 411 (providing traction and HEP), and six lighted coaches full of what I would assume were the passengers from both trains.

Eastbound 2160 had already stopped short of the pedestrian crossing here (Deerfield) and westbound 2153/2155 did likewise. I think that some crew swapped between trains across the crosswalk, then 2153/2155 pulled forward and made its station stop and departed, and finally 2160 proceeded east.

Anyway, it looks as if 411 is working well if it was running 10-12 coaches and a coasting MP36 not *too* far behind schedule, even after the delay to couple the two trains.

I'm curious whether the engineer in 426 was controlling 411 from there. I would have thought that since there was electrical power to 426 to run the headlights and bell, the other controls would also have been operative, and it wouldn't really matter whether 411 was immediately behind it or mid-train since the MU cables run through all the coaches. But I also heard some radio conversation to the effect of "OK, when I see you release the air..." and I started to wonder whether someone was in 411 and throttling it up from its cab. Normally I would expect a speed restriction if a train was operated that way, except that maybe if the engineer in 426 had full control of the brakes, he could relay instructions to a "mid-train pusher" by radio and operate normally. [Don't put too much stock in what I'm saying in this last paragraph since I have very incomplete information.]
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