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  by bones
One more thing.

If Metra feels compelled to show off an engine on the NCS, why not a 400. It could be a different one every day. But then again they probably think that the passengers would complain because the 400's do not have a village name!

  by bones
I don't think it will change because they are not that smart.

Remeber, my proposed locomotive assignments are just a notion, with more logic then what they are doing now.

  by MetraF40C607
And a good notion at that. Like I said, why would Metra listen to employees? LOL! Ya right. I agree with the NCS/400 thing. 211 is old news. Put an MP36 on the line. Then they're REALLY sayin something about the new stuff.

  by doepack
F40CFan wrote: I've made no secret of my feelings for the 400s (I think that MP stands for Mistakenly Purchased, sorry, I just had to do that), but I'm not sure I understand your logic. Just because the HEP fails on one unit, doesn't mean it will fail on another. I could see if all of the 400s' HEP units were suspect, but I don't think that is the case. If I'm missing something here, please let me know.
Actually, I was referring to a time earlier this year (around late Feb. or early March, can't remember now) when there were a rash of HEP failures on about 7 or 8 MP36's on the MILW West and North districts, causing sporadic delays on both lines for about a week. Despite the problems at the time, I would see trains 2231 (Lv CUS 1650, Arr BT 1801) and 2143 (Lv CUS 1750, Arr FL 1916) running with 2 MP's almost daily, which seemed odd to me given the ongoing HEP issues with them at the time. What made this decision even stranger was that this was also right around the time 100 and 101 came over from the Rock, which made me wonder even more why an F40 wasn't doubleheaded with a 400, since it now appeared there was extra power available. Hope that clears it up for you...

  by MetraF40C607
I donno. I simply feel this way. 411 is comming back...................NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  by F40CFan
This would be off topic if rosters and locomotive movements weren't discussed earlier. 156 has been at Western Ave since yesterday. I saw it in the evening on the way home and it was still there this morning. Its coupled to some ex-Burlington coaches at the east end of the yard.

  by AMTK84
Wow, that's a new one for me. For reasons unknown to us, 156 went from the Rocket House to M19A to MILW. That said, there is that possibillity that 411 may have gone back to RI when the 156 move was made. But given that 411 hasn't made any test runs on MILW yet, i find that unlikely; I just want to make sure all the possabillities are out there on the table.

  by bones
Like I said, Metra has been full of surprises lately. Anything can happen.

  by Amtrak31
I hope 412 stays on the Rock, but if it leaves, I'm happy that we have 411.

  by AMTK84
411 led 115 on train 2231 (12). Will post audio a bit later.

  by Scotty Burkhardt
I have a shot of 411 leading 111 taken last monday at union station. Currently I'm on the east coast visiting MARC, VRE, Amtrak, SEPTA, and NJT. As soon as I get back I'll post 411/111 downtown.

On a side note, I thought railfanning sucked in Chicago, I've shot maybe 5 photo's in the entire week I've been here. All of which were taken from the Capital Limited. I, honest to God, had a gun pointed at me when I got off the Capital Limited for having a camera in my hand and taking a photo of the Metroliner on the other track.

I hope I'll have better luck once I leave the DC area.

  by F40CFan
411 was doubleheading with 123 this morning. I saw them in Union Station. I don't know which train they were on.

  by AMTK84
Apparently 411 is having a few problems, that's why we haven't seen any solo runs yet. For the last 3 days it has been on the MILW-N dubbleheader.

  by bones
Somehow I am not surprised.

  by MetraF40C607
Ha ha, that's funny. MPI........................................Ugggggggghhhhhh.
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