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  by Martin Baumann
Is 401 still out of service, think it was in a collision about two years ago?
  by TrainManUPRR

It was stripped of its engine and other parts at 4uth Street. It then went to KYD where the frame was repaired and it got a fresh paint job. It's now in storage at Western Avenue, still missing lots of mechanical parts.
  by Martin Baumann
Just seen on another forum that 401 was moved to 47th Street Thursday for conversion to -3C format and is expected back in August
  by TrainManUPRR
That is correct, it moved on Thursday.
  by Krusty
401 will be the next -3C. It's currently in the Rocket House and is over halfway done. Just as information- 401 was completely repainted. It looks exactly the same as always- they did put new Ollie lettering on the nose, too. (Re: MP36PH-3S Conversion to -3C?, Post by TrainManUPRR » Mon Aug 17, 2015 6:36 pm)
As a side note, 423 was just transferred to 47th Street yesterday. It will be the next -3C. 401 is still at 47th, too. I don't know how far along its conversion is. They borrowed a lot of parts off 401 for other units while it was in storage so it will take longer to put it back in service than the units that are operational. (Re: MP36PH-3S Conversion to -3C?, Post by TrainManUPRR » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:01 pm)

Any updates on 401?
  by TrainManUPRR
Still at 47th.

They robbed a lot of parts off of it to use on other engines while it was in storage so it'll take longer for 401 to be completed than it'll take all the other units.