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  by doepack
Hurrying through the north concourse of CUS this evening, I happened to notice an MP36 on the point of an outbound NCS train (don't recall the unit # or the train it was assigned to). I recall seeing MP's on NCS before, although I'm guessing it doesn't happen too often. It made me wonder though, has anyone ever seen those units running on SWS? Or do weight restrictions keep them off of that line too? I'm assuming that they could run on HC, especially given the freight traffic on that route...

  by byte
Supposedly there's a weight restriction on a bridge somewhere on the line. My guess is that it's the one across the Cal-Sag channel directly south of the Palos Heights station, but this subject came up once before and someone explained it in more detail. Hopefully they'll see this and verify the bridge - I'm curious as well.

  by metraRI
MP36's are not used on SWS, due to weight restrictions. The only problem that I am aware of is between CP518 and 74th Street, bones would know more about that. MP36's have run on HC before, I don't believe on HC trains, but on the Santa Safety run a few years back using RI equipment.

  by c604.
How many tons do those things weigh again?

  by doepack
Those beasts weigh in at 295,000 lbs., or 147 1/2 tons. (Source: MP36 data sheet, November 2006 Trains...)