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  by akohorn
Anyone know where I can find information on the layout and operation of both Mott Haven yard and the adjacent junction? I am particularly interested in the late 1950's, but would appreciate any available info...

Some detailed questions, as well, for those in the know:
My understanding, so far, is that trains coming out of GCT for service that needed to be turned went up track 5 of the Hudson div and then backed into the yard. Not clear to me if other moves into the yard, as well as those returning to GCT from the yard used the two yard leads that connect into tracks 5 and 6 or the connection to track 4 of the Harlem div. I've seen a few references that imply usage of the two yard leads, but this seems like it would pose a big constraint on yard operation.

  by DutchRailnut
Since this question is way pre-Metro North you could ask it on the New York Central forum and get more or better answers.

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewforu ... 77dd4085d3

  by Otto Vondrak
Our New York Central forum will give you better answers, since Metro-North never operated Mott Haven Yard.


  by akohorn
Thanks. I have posted in a few locations hoping to find experts on this topic...